30 Day Kettlebell Swing Challenge

I remember in the Spring and Summer, a constant stream of 30 Day Challenges on my networking feeds. Now with the approaching Holidays and business those posts have dwindled. We are just so busy during the Holidays, we don’t have time to focus on eating, on working out, on looking after ourselves. This my friends and readers is an excuse. Actually it is excuse #17 in Dr Dyers Excuses Begone (I should know I just covered them on my personal blog). Therefore, when I saw a kettlebell 30 Day Challenge I knew it was right. If you start tomorrow then you finish Christmas.

The Challenge: In 30 days time complete 3,000 swings (I cut some major slack with this number)

Now I know those excuses will roll and that the time one will get used and abused, but let’s think about this. First off kettlebell is our muscle shaping tool of choice. The swing is a beautiful exercise mimicking jumping in the air. Like we say, “Nothing burns fat like swinging a kettlebell.” So the next month you will jump in the air 3,000 times (pretty impressive number to brag about once you’ve finished). Think of the fat-burning?! Now eating whole pies and doing all these swings aren’t going to change your body (so maybe another 30 day challenge could be not to eat any grains, starches or sugars), so keep that in mind.

Time? If you break this down that breaks down into a mere 100 swings a day. I have done 100 juggles in a row (then I did 90, 80, 60, 50. That’s 380 in less than 10 minutes time). It took only a couple of minutes. I admit this is extreme but it helps to prove the time point. Kettlebells can be transported anywhere and doing 100 takes minutes. Now you don’t actually have to do 100 a day. You can cycle them. You can break them down into a number of sets (4 sets of 25 anyone?). You can juggle, you can darci, you can use both hands, you can use one. Whatever you do, do something.

You’ve got the challenge: 3,000 swings before Christmas. Good luck, do your best and burn fat!Pinned Image

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