Featured Food: Butternut Squash

I’m a curious little thing, anything can send me into a research frenzy (man I am aware that, that sounds unbelievably dorky, potential reason for my perpetual singleness? Maybe so, but oh well)! I’ve been playing in the kitchen with butternut squash. Even though we just met we have become fast friends, and I find it easy to create new menu options with this wonderful gourd. But what else does it have to offer me besides stellar recipes?

  • I think the color here, makes it evident that we’ve got some phytonutrients and therefore antioxidants available for the taking. Of course these fancy long words mean, that these types of foods and nutrients (along with a balanced lifestyle) can decrease inflammation, which at chronic levels wrecks havoc on our bodies.
  • The orange hue should give further clues that the carotenoid at hand here, is beta-carotene. Doted for being a precursor to the ever so essential vitamin A. With A you can associate development and eye health. Click the link for vitamin A because it is something we should all know about.
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin C

Key here, as with most orange-colored food is antioxidant potential. Stay tuned this week for some yummy recipe podcast and printable recipe pages!

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