What about Fiber?

I was surprised to see that I have not covered fiber yet! How does that happen in over 700 posts? Upon writing some of my featured foods, commonly listed benefits were fiber. Finally I have broken down and looked into fiber, and you may be surprised by some of what I found. Of course the marketing industry loves take hold of ‘healthy’ food items and shove them in your face (poor gluten-free and its abuse in things like breakfast cereals-newsflash you’re still poisoning your children because they’re still processed and loaded with sugar). There are fiber drinks, yogurt, Fiber plus bars and cereals. But how much does fiber do you really need? Is a high-fiber diet all they make it out to be?

Some of the healthiest societies ate little to no fiber. Ever heard of the Inuits (although Eskimos may be a more popular term)? Even traditional societies that consumed high-fiber diets took care to prepare them: fermenting and soaking grains and legumes, cooking vegetables, etc. It is not necessary to eat large amounts of fiber to pass regularly (nor to OD on water). Which is contrary to what we hear (but we’re also told fat is bad), because I get the question about fiber frequently. What can go wrong with eating large quantities of fiber:

  • Flora, remember this? Flora is the bacteria living and hanging out in your gut. More ‘good’ bacteria vs. ‘bad’ bacteria keeps us from getting sick and promotes digestion. Too much fiber can actually throw your beloved healthy flora out of whack!
  • Can make digestion last longer
  • Promote fermentation in the gut due to said increased time span
  • As a result of this you’ve increased the chances of bloating, flatulence and bigger stools. These three can lead to constipation, diarrhea, IBS or diverticulitis
  • Just look at our teeth, they were made/designed to chomp on flesh and your digestive system is picture perfectly built to digest protein. They are necessary and required for life (and muscle)!
  • Other possible complications that could result: hernia, hemorroidal disease, constipation, malnourishment, irritable bowel syndrome, and Crohn’s disease

A big no thank you, what is this!?!

Wow pretty compelling stuff. Should we be filling ourselves with ridiculous amounts of processed/created fiber or grains. I wouldn’t touch these things anyways as I am a naturalist, but vegetables I do love to eat. In the instance of fruit and vegetables, cook them like our ancestors did. Whenever I’m explaining the program to someone I always say priority: fat and protein and then add the fruit or vegetable!



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