Thankful Thoughts

Pinned ImageI’ve done a better job lately of not overdoing or be raiding you with inspirational and thoughtful post. But this week is Thanksgiving, and I have to do it, I have to write something inspirational. It’s like dangling a bone in front of a dog and I have to get that bone. The last three years I have taken to changing my life. To changing my thoughts. Changing my body. I’ve connected with my purpose. Gratitude and thanks is an incremental part of this. Part of my change has been in learning to express myself. That means telling others how I feel about them. My birthday coincides with Thanksgiving, so last year I gave all my friends cards with this quote on it:

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” 

I make it a conscious effort to tell them how I feel. Not only that I love them and think they’re great, but how grateful I am for their presence in my life. Living from a stance of thanks has helped me get the most of my life experience so far. Has helped me through struggles and negative thoughts. It has helped me see abundance around me. When I start out the day from a position of thanks: today I am thankful for breathing and being alive. How simple is that, but when you’re down in the dirt and tested by life, this is enough to see that you can only go up and there is still hope and opportunity for you today. When I am having the occasional pity party, I’ve learned to combat it by going through my mental checklist of all the positive things in my life. All the people. All the experiences. All the potential. I surround myself with abundance and shut down the pity party. It is actually overwhelming all of the things we can be thankful for. So it is great that we have a designated day of thanks every year, but I think it should be something practiced and thought of everyday!

Health, let’s tie thankfulness into what this blog is about. One of the affirmations I tell myself is: I am perfect health. I have a beautiful and perfect body. To move forward and succeed I have to accept and be thankful for the body I have, not battle against it. Is it breathing on its own? Is my heart beating? Alright I have great potential to treat it like I am thankful for it. I can nourish it each day, each meal. I can give thanks for the food, nourishing my body. I can give thanks for its careful preparation, for its selection, for its positive effects on my health. Be thankful for your body and treat it with gratitude. Be thankful for nourishment. Be thankful for the opportunity to change it and for this day, where you can be healthy.

Happy Thanksgiving! Live from thanks and feel the abundance life has to offer. Be thankful for nourishment and love your body. Be grateful for health!

I am thankful for: Each and every one of you! For those who support me, my family, and my business. For being able to share my thoughts. To being able to share my experience. My knowledge. The good and the bad. To share my imagination. To share my creativity and creations. To share and spread my inspiration. For having others share with me.

I am thankful and enthusiastic for life. For my life. My Body. My Dreams. My purpose and direction and life. My thoughts. For breathing and being.

I am thankful to be surrounded by the most beautiful people (friends and family). Who love me unconditionally as I am and who bring richness into my life.


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