Featured Food: Goat Meat

I like to be on the edge of trending, procuring or sporting things before they become widespread. That is why today I am bringing you goat meat (also seen as chevon, because marketers find it to sound more palatable), although it is actually the most consumed red meat in the world at 70%. This shouldn’t surprise, because when I covered goat’s milk butter after Dr Sharifi brought me some (unbelievably creamy and yummy I can eat it by itself so I highly recommend trying some) and learned that goat’s milk is the most consumed. But just because something is a worldwide statistic, does not mean it applies to our lovely country. We’re obsessed with money, we want the big bulky hormone induced cow and pig that will yield more meat, why would we want a smaller more sustainable animal with less meat? As a self-proclaimed foodie, I look to expand not only my palate and adventure into foods, but to educate others and bring to them the wider world of food that they may have never considered.  Despite the economy, goat meat has been on the rise. It has doubled in sales every decade the past 30 years. Jump on the band wagon first! When I dug into this one I found some compelling evidence that WE should be consuming more goat meat:

  • Fewer calories: 1/3 the calories of beef and 1/4 the calories of chicken
  • Less fat: 2/3 that of chicken and lamb
  • Obviously it is going to be a good source of protein
  • Sustainable (code for good for the environment). With an acre you can get 10 goats, compared to two cows.

How to buy goat/what to expect? Although I am currently a goat meat virgin (I have added it to my Foodie Bucket List), I have read that it is more savory, and less sweet than beef. Like with most meats I would recommend finding a local farmer that you can trust and a farm that you can visit. Know where your food is coming from. Eatwild.com is always one of my favorite sites for finding farms, otherwise just do your own internet research. Goats slaughtered between 6-9 months tend to offer the best meat. Another plus is that goats yield plenty of bones and we all know about my affinity for cooking with bones and for making bone broths. I’m already convinced that goat’s milk butter is absolutely delicious, and I know that once I pop my goat meat cherry I will be just as sold on the muscle. Join the party, set the curve and join in on the rest of the globe (who tends to be healthier than us)!


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