Perfect Poo

Yes we are going ease into the subject of stool with a picture from a children’s book. It’s true. We all do it. Shit literally does happen. We have to get over our ick factor because the by-products of our lower half can tell us about our health and the state of our body.

Maybe it would help if we thought of our guts as a finicky ecosystem that yearns for balance. The scale is easily tilted by the likes of antibiotics, chemicals like fluoride and chlorine, food preservatives, food additives, coffee or ill prepared foods that alone disrupt digestion (hello grains). Therefore, we need to pay attention to the poo to see what is going on in our ecosystem. What to look for with poop:

Good poop is fairly large, buoyant and bland/muddy in color. Diarrhea usually is your body’s quick disposal of containment or items causing discontent in the gut. Chronic diarrhea can be a marker for intestinal problems, so pay careful note of this. Constipation on the other hand can be a reflection of diet (eat right. Hint: eat your fat) or stress. Yep stress can not only kill you but fill you with s***. The buoyancy floating ability means that you are absorbing and using the nutrients in the food, whereas as a heavy crap means you are not utilizing your food to the maximum. Color? Brown obviously. Venture into darker colors, whitish, yellows, oranges, and reds and you should maybe see your doctor to find out what is wrong. There could (probably) be some illness going on here.

See that wasn’t bad! Pretty harmless, but you really can tell a lot about your inside health by looking in the pot. Check out this poster I thought it was pretty interesting:

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