Guest Post: My Body Change Experience

Today’s guest is by a beloved client and friend Brenda Starkey. She has been with us and supported us since our garage days when Body Change was only beginning. I am so thankful that she has stuck with us and that she wrote this for me. Her and her grandchildren are a blessing to come into the gym and see!

My Body Change Experience beginning January 6, 2005

My quality of life has been so much better since I first met the Paulin’s.  What you learn from Jim, Sue and Brittany is invaluable.  They are always there for you.  It may be to praise you or it may be to get you back on track again if you have fallen off the Body Change way.  Kettle Bell training is the best.  I have done many kinds of workouts in the past forty years but kettle bell training is the best.  Following the healthy eating plan and exercising gives amazing results to your mind, soul and body.

I cannot praise this program enough.  I started taking the recommended pharmaceutical omega-3 fish oil three years ago and have seen great results.  My memory is much better (well I am 63), and I have been taken off of my blood pressure medicine.  My 10-year-old granddaughter (dyslexic)  started taking the pharmaceutical omega-3 fish oil a little over a year ago and has improved so much with her reading skills and is actually caught up to her grade level  (4th grade) of reading.  Before the pharmaceutical omega-3 fish oil her reading level was not as good as some 1st graders.  I cannot stress enough on the use of pharmaceutical omega-3 fish oil.

Thank you Body Change for everything and being there for me throughout the years.


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