Guest Post: Living the Lifestyle

My first guest post is with a couple that has been us through several moves and changes, yet they have always stuck faithfully with us. They get that it is a lifestyle and I (we) are so thankful to them for their support and for today’s post. These are the thoughts of the Wegers, Tom and Jeanine:

In this month of November it is only fitting to begin with saying how thankful we are for “Body Change”!  Of course that means a big shout out to the wonderful staff…friends…who have helped us so much.  We often get asked, “are you still doing Body Change?”  How funny that question is to us!  We don’t “do” Body Change, we “live” it!  It is just a part of our lifestyle.  We were always told by the staff that it takes thirty days to change a habit.  Our thirty days has turned into seven years, almost eight.
We didn’t begin with a huge amount of weight or fat to lose.  That didn’t make it any easier!  And Tom had a bigger goal…get his cholesterol down or take meds.  We listened to the Jim and Sue…at first we thought this, of course not them, is crazy!  But hey, what did we have to lose…sorry the pun.  Probably the first thing we noticed was the strength we felt in our bodies.  Then we saw the definition as the fat went bye-bye.  Pretty cool!  Well, we were hooked.  When we reached our goals it was time to visit the doctor. Tom’s cholesterol was 185!  Thank you so much Body Change!
Lastly, kettlebells.  What can we say?  You have seen Sue and Brittany’s blogs about “love those bells”.  Jim has said you can’t get a better work out than swingin’ those bells!  We say if you’re up for a challenge, those kettlebells will kick your butt…and a few more places too!  I can hear Sue now, “it’s not how heavy your bell is, it’s all about tension.”
Listen, do it, eat right and exercise!  It a great journey!

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