Metals and the Body

Pinned ImageMetals, on a health blog? Sure when we think metal we like to think of sparkly objects in silver and gold. We like to wear them on our body: dangling from our neck, daintily encircling our wrist, securely placed on our finger or hanging from our ear lobes. But what about metals in our body? Are they there? If so how do they get there? What is their effect? Do they damage our bodies in any way? Do they benefit them? How much should we have? How do we get rid of them? Today, with help from the Weston A. Price, we are going to dive into one of the lesser known or thought about health topics and that is heavy metals (and no we are not going to be discussing music either).

Now you’re cruising on your weight loss, you’ve got a routine that works. You’re in full-fledged fat-burner mode. Now you want to optimize your health potential (or you’re in maintenance or you never really had any weight to lose- whatever the pattern you are ready to focus on being your healthiest self). Health is complex and there are many variables. Are you ever going to be 100%? Maybe, but giving 100% effort to the cause, thought, to yourself and to your future, I believe is the ultimate goal. So when looking at topics like today, it’s about awareness. Awareness of more variables and more possibilities to increase your health dynamic.

Part of the problem with metals, is that they are hard to detect. Types of metals could include: aluminum, cadmium, mercury, lead and copper (which we will discuss the most). Really we wouldn’t need to be concerned about metals, or buildups if we had properly functioning adrenal systems, gallbladder, and livers. Unfortunately in today’s society this is not the case, therefore excretion is being hindered. Why is copper such a biggy in the metal world? Because it is found most prevelantly-in your food. Popular foods like coffee, avocado, shrimp, nuts and chocolate are high in the stuff. Add to this vegetarians. Sorry I’m never one to beat around the bush I have never understood nor will I support or suggest a vegetarian diet. In the case of metals, vegetarians are getting all kinds of copper from their vegetables but there denial of meats and eggs, is also denying them enough zinc to counteract the copper. What can happen when metals build-up?

  • build up in the brain, liver, joints and kidneys
  • this means disrupted mental state, liver function, and detoxification
  • energy interference, yet at the same time brain stimulation. Simply: overactive racing minds supported by a tired body

Our stressed lives where everything is a BIG DEAL (high copper tends to correlate to drama queens) means that we are throwing off our mineral, metal and vitamin stores. They’re an intricate system and will not be fooled. The big deals makes you lose zinc and magnesium, yet retain copper. Eventually we’ll end up in a bi-polar like state. Wow who thought all this could come from metals?

Like I pointed out in the beginning if we had properly functioning adrenal systems we would be able to excrete these metals. Restoring this would be a good start spot. Stress less and eat properly. You know low-carbohydrate, high animal quality fats and protein (hello today was another reason not to be a vegetarian). If you want to learn more there is further reading available:

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