Featured Food: The Pumpkin

Pinned ImageHow is it November and I’m just now writing about pumpkin? Oh well, tis the season and the month of pumpkin dishes and decorations and pumpkin recipes by yours truly. This month as we begin our holiday approach I will feature this fall superstar in recipe and pantry video posts. I’m currently working and developing my own cookbook, as I work on ideas I have this attraction for fall, for a warm woodsy, natural feel. One that just warms you up and feels homey. With that I found pumpkin is one of my new best friends (although  I have been friendly with it in the past, just check out the recipes from last October’s cooking class where all my recipes consisted of pumpkin). Possible recipes that you may see now or later in the book could be: pumpkin spice latte cookies, ice cream, stuffed pumpkins, gnocchi, pie, cheesecake, soups, flan, granola, brownies, pancakes, donuts, biscuits, truffles, pizza and more! With all this potential let’s jump in and see what pumpkins have to offer:

  • Notice that orange color, this should trigger that pumpkins are a good source of beta-carotene, usually deemed important for its conversion to that ever so essential vitamin A that your body needs with benefits like eye sight prowess. Note that beta-carotene is a good source of antioxidants that we talk about all the time. Antioxidants can neutralize free radical damage which can cause inflammation and acute/chronic inflammation is at the heart of diseases.
  • Fiber intensive
  • Tryptophan found in pumpkin is a positive for your serotonin levels and your mood- look specifically to the seeds for this one (also seen as Pepitas)
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin C

Pretty impressive resume if you ask me. Stay tuned this month for tasty/varied ways to prepare pumpkin!

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