Evaluating Nuts

Pinned ImageNuts, my Dad has been on a bit of a nut bender lately. I feel that nuts can be a bit of a grey area, though. ‘Brittany these nuts go right through me, my stomach just can’t handle them.’ Him and I have had the nut talk several times, but this new venture into them has made me put on my science/research cap again (I’ve been going a little crazy with inspirational thought post lately- my bad but it helps me get through my change and it’s relevent to my life and transformation) to see what in the hell is going on. Nuts have been titled a ‘health’ food, but I believe just like grains, they need love and care before consumption. I personally have taken nuts out of my routine. They can be a trigger for me because I can’t just stop at a handful or at a spoonful of nut butter. Same with my dad, when I was younger I remember joking that we couldn’t have peanut butter in the house because dad would eat the entire jar. But it’s not just a Paulin trait, I have found with clients that nuts have this similar effect. We go hog-wild on nuts, lose our accountability and over do our fat content for the day (actually usually for the week, I could have enough fat in my system to climb mountains everyday for a week). So we overdo it, plus I believe their our other sources of fat like coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil or butter that we could have consumed instead and not had the side-effects of untreated nuts.

So what am I talking about when I say nut treatment? Phytic Acid, ring a bell? Well if you’ll recall previous posts on grains, this is the pest disrupting digestion (hence my father’s stomach reaction). They can bind to vitamin and mineral stores, robbing you of precious nutrients. Possible ways to decrease this would be to soak and then lightly roast the nuts before eating. So toss them in water before you go to bed and give them a toast in the morning.

In the long hull? Listen to your body. If nuts are a trigger food for you, it’s best to avoid them. If you’re eating them regularly as a snack, look at preparing them (side note most canned and bagged nuts at the store are roasted in vegetable oil-not good. As someone who eats very clean any speck of these oils upsets my digestion so these I would definitely steer clear of unless you randomly do them every great once in a while). Whereas grains and legumes tend to be dietary staples, nuts are generally a snack. It’s back to that toxic thing, as well. Eating a cookie isn’t going to kill you, but eating cookies consistently over your life time is going to put a hurt on you. Evaluate and listen to your body, be honest with yourself about your behavior with nuts. Like I said I personally can not do nuts because they can be a trigger. If I did eat nuts I would take time to prepare them first. Look at it and make the call for yourself and your routine.

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