Featured Food: Hawaiian Sea Salt

Pinned ImageToday is a refresher on salt because it is our sale time of the week. So let’s cut to the chase and review. Your body needs sodium, you’d die without it. Period. Next up is quality. Salt at the store is pretty much crap. Look for an unrefined, untouched sea salt. They have Himalayan and Celtic, but my personal favorite is the Hawaiian (and not just because it’s the one we sale but because I’ve tasted them all and my taste buds have ruled this the best tasting. Plus with approaching snow this is a refreshing picture). Something great about unrefined sea salt is that it also provides trace minerals. Want to know what else? Here you go:

  • Provides 2 essential minerals: sodium and chloride
  • Sodium controls fluid volume, maintains blood pressure, is important for nerve conduction, passage of nutrients, maintain acid-base levels
  • Chloride: maintains blood pressure, blood volume and pH
  • Important role in neuron firing
  • Is key for digestion (carb digestion and breakdown and transport require enzymes dependent upon sodium)
  • Chloride is important for hydrochloric acid and thus protein digestion
  • Development glial cells in the brain (creative thinking and long-term planning)
  • Sodium is a part of bile manufacturing that allows for fat emulsification
  • Hormone production and therefore metabolism, mineral metabolism, blood pressure regulation, glucose levels, healing, stress response. Salt cravings are actually a sign of poor adrenal function.
  • Sodium is involved in muscle contraction (heartbeat, nerve impulses and digestion of protein as well)
  • Water balance
  • Nerve conduction
  • Potassium absorption
  • Enhances the ability of blood to carry carbon dioxide from respiring tissues to the lungs

Now we know that we need to use, but what about taste? Hands down unrefined salt tastes better. Don’t believe me? Perform your own blind taste test of your regular table salt with sea salt. I’ll just let you know that after a week eating only eggs, just shifting one day to Hawaiian sea salt made my eggs dramatically better!

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