Benefits of Thinking of Others


Today I pick two of my best friends up from the airport. Soon the holidays and a time for giving is coming up. I know that just seeing me and having an adventure is enough for them. But they are flying around the country to see me and my giving desires prickles up. I can’t help it, I enjoy taking care of others and the considerate gesture. Being thoughtful. Being considerate of others doesn’t mean spending on lavish expenses, it’s about being thoughtful. Being  Creative. A small, inexpensive or free something that let’s that person know you’re thinking of them, that you care, that you love them. I feel the benefits to this are self explanatory, I don’t need a scientist or study to tell me the benefits, I can experiment myself. Being Considerate can:

  • brighten someone’s day, someone’s week, someone’s life!
  • reduce assumptions. One of the 4 Agreements is not to make assumptions. I am constantly telling my friends and family how much I love them. How great and perfect I think they are. So often we assume how others feel about us. We think we’re loved or liked, but no one is saying. Therefore I make a point to tell them directly, let them know you care instead of leaving them guessing and making assumptions.
  • Boosts your mood. Putting others first or just doing the right thing makes you soar and feel good as well. Actually, just witnessing someone else giving or being considerate has the potential to boost mood. I’ve also read reports that altruism and watching someone else giving can boost immunity!
  • Energy: my topic of the week. The energy you put out is the energy you’re going to get back

It doesn’t have to be grand, it’s the thought that matters. For my mom my writing, my words are enough for her. It can be a simple smile. A genuine one that travels to your eyes and lights up your face. An infectious one that comes from inside and bubbles out. When you’re having a shitty day a smile can go a long way. Or a compliment. How easy is it to Pinned Imagegive a compliment? Write a letter, I am a notorious letter/card writer. It’s nice to have something tangible expressing your feelings for someone else and it’s nice to get mail that isn’t a bill (plus I’m a romantic that likes nostalgia, so this appeals to me). For my friends today? It’s a sign and big smile as I wait for them to come across the terminal. It’s homemade cupcakes, balloons and a

card welcoming them Colorado. It’s simple, but its me. Gifting, giving and consideration doesn’t have to be grand, but it has infinite potential. In my shed I have a blackboard with my affirmations, but the top line says: What can I do for someone else today? Boom first thing in the morning, I see that. I contemplate the consideration and I go for it. Don’t forget the best part of giving is not expecting anything in return!

What can you do to brighten someone else’s day today?


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