Being a Team Player

Last week I evaluated the benefits of being alone, this week I’d like to flip the coin and look at teamwork. I’m such a balance believer, so it’s about being self-efficient yet also a team player. I remember growing up with Body Change. Most people would start as a team (you saved money that way). When people were changing, business was booming. People fed off others success. Sometimes though, you’d get someone in a team that wasn’t changing (they weren’t following or doing what they said). They weren’t helping their partner because either they’d inflict their negative thoughts onto them or they’d quit. Dad has a client now who’s been gaining weight, but her ‘friends’ like her better now that she’s eating bad and gaining weight. I’ve seen it countless times; women will get low in their body fat. They’re looking great, they’re feeling even better, yet there are those that tell them they’re too ‘thin’. Because someone else can’t do something or they’re unsatisfied with their own health, they bring down others. So how do we become a team player or create a winning team?

When my dad finished Steve Job’s book and was explaining A Players and B Players, I expelled it. I thought it was judgmental crap. What I have realized is that it’s not about judging the lower player. It ties into that energy I talked about yesterday. You’ve created that positive energy to allow yourself to change and be better. You want to attract that same kind of energy to you. After weigh-ins me and dad discuss, how it’s motivating to have the other one do good. It makes focusing easier. Just like before he would say a friend is someone that makes you better. I would dispute this for various reasons that don’t need a tangent here, but what I have come to realize is that he was right (damn parents know what they’re talking about crap). However, making them better is not about telling them what they’re doing ‘wrong’, pointing out ‘mistakes’ or telling them how to live their lives. Making someone else better is about being a better you. The good old leading by example. When you’re doing good, eating healthy, losing weight, and looking good that inspires others.

So when working in a team, I crave that kind of energy. Energy where you refuel off each other. Where you inspire and drive each other. Where you are both making each other better. By doing your best you get the maximum results. You see no limits and you forge ahead. You accomplish greatness. You are extraordinary. You appreciate their presence and you let them know not only you’re thankful for them but your belief in them. I wrote a personal post on greatness the other day. How power thought and belief is. But also how strong words are. How being repeatedly told something can manifest into our thoughts: you’re stupid, fat, ugly, not good enough, a failure, to the point that we believe them. Working in a team and being a team member is about creating energy, building others up, being honest and helping each be better by doing your best. Create a dynamic, a force, a power deserving of being an A team. Believe in yourselves and each other and accomplish great things. Create great thoughts. Conquer mountains and fears. Lose weight and feel good.

I’m leaving for home in a few weeks and I crave the mountains before I leave. Dad, Lulu and I had a mission: climb Sentinel Mountain. We flowed and intertwined our energies, we did our best and we kicked mountain ass. Be able to motivate yourself, but be a team player!

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