Being Impeccable

Last week I had guest posts written, not just to ease off my own writing load, but to share a new perspective with you. To let others help me share. But also to learn from what they had to say. When I asked my cousin Jacki to write about goal setting, I told her I have all kinds of ideas but I am not skilled at concrete goal setting. She rocks at goal setting and at inspiring others to accomplish theirs. The post helped the puzzle pieces fall into place in my mind. I’d already been thinking about purpose, direction and commitment. I was struggling balancing my desire to live in the now with setting goals. I can’t just have all the thoughts though, I have to apply them. It does no good to read something if you never act on it. So I set a goal:

October 17, 2012 is the day I climb to the top of Pikes Peak and back down. I will also complete the journey to the summit in 6 hours (over an hour faster than any other time I’ve climbed).

I breezed through parts of the trail where I usually struggled. I battled fierce wind, snow and ice, but I made it to the summit at 1:30 pm, 6 hours after I started. Five hours after that (in the dark) I made it back down to my car. Goal completed. I set the goal-high- and I committed to it. I told myself I was going to do it and I did. This is called impeccability, one of the four life laws according to the Four Agreements. Another law came into play: do your best. Yes I did reach my goal in its entirety, but what if I hadn’t made it to the top in 6 hours, what if it took longer? If I did my best it wouldn’t matter.

With weight loss you or your coach may set a weekly or monthly weight loss goal. Now you can aim high, but it should be realistically high. Your body can only lose so much weight without sacrificing muscle tissue (and strength). So you set the goal for the week. Now apply the Now. Each day do your best: manage stress, sleep, get moderate exercise, nourish and fuel your body, enjoy the healthy meal you’re eating. Work towards the goal, like it is at the end of a string. Each moment and day of doing your best pulls that strings closer to you. When it’s time for your weekly weigh in, if you’ve met the goal, great! If not re-evaluate this. Did you do your best? Okay then you should still feel great, but now you need to look at the goal. Maybe it was a little too high. Readjust and continue doing your best until the next one. Keep pulling the string and eventually you will have achieved your goals.

Set goals, but be impeccable with your words and give 100% to them NOW. Keep pulling the string and believe in yourself because you are capable of extraordinary things!

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