Planning to Succeed

I’ve taken to picnicking lately. As a strapped for cash girl, who is a romantic at her core, who yearns for the ambiance and nostalgia, picnics are my dining of choice. My coach, Dad, and I talk about the experience/practice of eating. When I first became familiar with the Weston Price I was most intrigued with the tradition of it all. I remember as a child, dinners and meals were spent together as a family. My dad would put his soul into and cook the crap out of our meal- although then it was not nourish-focused (creamed eggs with bread, pastas, pizzas and other villains. How else does a man get to be over 300 pounds?). Through my short experience, I’ve seen how things have changed in just 24 years. How processed and artificial food has become. The family dinner is a far cry from the experience of my past. We want it NOW. Food is fast and convenient. Something we can get on the fly as we usher kids from sports practice to sports practice. Or when we fly from yoga to cross fit to book club or wine tasting or whatever the hell it is we do that keeps us so ‘busy’. We have lost the tradition. I crave (sorry for any pun) the tradition. I honestly love to cook. I love to fuel and feed myself, and I especially love to prepare food for others. I am blissful in the kitchen baking. Sometimes I don’t even taste the treats I make. I get lost in the process, putting my heart into the preparation. A lot of times I don’t even measure, yet when I am done I know it tastes good. I don’t have to taste it, I put my all into it and whatever I’ve made is bomb. I think we’ve lost this. With technology and convenience we’ve lost our balance and connection to cooking, eating and food. You see the Italians and French where eating is literally an experience. Why don’t we have that anymore (I know this is a generalization and that there are passionate foodies out there like myself, but we are not the norm)?

Part of being successful at weight loss, and really with adopting a healthy lifestyle (because that’s what it is, there is no quick fix for that either), is in the preparation and experience, but also in the planning. Making a daily or weekly commitment to what you’re going to eat. Sure you may not always stick to this, but the focus should be there. When I’m eating on the fly or lack direction, my eating is not good. Boom, my own personal experience and testimony that I am not/have not always been perfect, but I know that I have to practice and recommit everyday to lifestyle.

So today invited my Dad to picnic with me and Lulu. Planning the meal: hard boiled eggs, fruit, fish oil pills, water, hot tea (thanks to Mary Auten) all tucked neatly in our thrift store picnic basket. Waiting to be laid out on the blanket, with the candles aglow and a book in hand to sit and let the food digest afterwards. We can only eat what is in the basket. At a restaurant its easy to give into temptation, especially with buffet style eateries. There are no limits. It’s easy to overeat, or just eat bad in general. There is no accountability. Here you have had a hand in the preparation and are held to your number of fats, etc. Plus it’s nice in traditional and you don’t feel bloated or guilty afterwards.

Create the eating experience. Plan ahead. Make yourself accountable. Have a picnic!

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