Featured Food: Kim’s Cabbage

This smoking hot lady is my dear friend Kim Artz (one of the funniest, sweetest women that I have the pleasure to know). I asked her to inspire today’s food, but took it easy on her by volunteering the research if she answered one (maybe technically two) questions: what is your favorite food and what is your favorite way to prepare it? Maybe part of my love for Kim is that she is such a kindred spirit, because her answer was cabbage- my favorite food that I could eat everyday! Why are me and Kim pining over cabbage? Let’s see, to start it’s a vegetable and it’s green (although it does come in purple as well- wahoo for anthocyanins- and it has many names and faces like savoy and bok choy. Plus one of my other favorites Brussels Sprouts are little baby cabbages!). This means its thermogenic (for the number of calories it contains, your body is going to have to work to break it down. Think fat-burning food and fuel). This also means it is low in carbohydrates, so load up on the stuff! Other bonus features:

  • Sinigrin- this fancy word is gaining a reputation in cancer research
  • Anti-oxidant prowess because of helpful vitamins like A and C
  • Anti-inflammatory- I think this is a no brainer because antioxidants (which I just said it had) neutralize free radicals and therefore reduce inflammation
  • Your gut loves cabbage! Research is showing the benefits of cabbage consumption and its positive impact on your stomach and intestinal lining (thanks to the likes of glucosinolates, polyphenols, and glutamine)

The good news? Cabbage is best and most nutritional when cooked! Kim’s favorite cabbage cooking technique is quick and easy- and what do you know is exactly how I like to eat my cabbage when I go on cabbage benders for weeks or months (really I could eat it all day everyday). Fry it with ghee in the skillet! How easy is that?! Toss in a little quality sea salt- or whatever your favorite flavor profile- and you’re good to go. Prepare a protein to give it company and make your meal complete. You’ve got a great vegetable green source, a wonderful flavorful fat and substantial protein to feed your muscles. Thank you Kim and I hope that you will all join us in our cabbage love!

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