Guest Post: Yes You Can: Success Story

I am so proud in this Question/Answer post to share the success story of Karen Babykak, who is a shining example of a Fat-Burner (and Body Change success). She has done a beautiful job and looks absolutely wonderful (hello are you looking at these pictures?!). So here we go:

Question: How did Body Change reform your thoughts on weight loss/health?

Karen: OMG!! You name it I’ve probably tried it, but Body Change. . . it’s my lifestyle now.

Question: How did your transformation affect your health, energy, strength, eating, and lifestyle?

Karen: My energy and strength are through the roof! I feel great, I think I look good!

Question: What did you like best about your program?

Karen: I was educated. I was given a meal plan and told why I needed to eat this way, I’m continually educated on why I shouldn’t put the 3 poisons in my body. The motivation from the trainers and other members is always there. I love that.

Question: What advice would you give someone interested in starting Body Change?

Karen: DO IT! I don’t like to hear, I can’t, yes you can! Is it rough in the beginning…yes, but once you start to feel better and look better, that’s the best motivation.

Thank you so much Karen for that to the point inspiration and for being a physical motivation, exemplifying what can be accomplished when you say YES I CAN! Follow Karen’s example and start your own lifestyle change today. What is holding you back?

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One Response to Guest Post: Yes You Can: Success Story

  1. Marilyn Bigler says:

    Congratulations. Not only do you look great, you are great. What a transformation and inspiration to others you have become.

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