Guest Post: Love Your Kettlebell

Today’s post goes to my lovely mother. She really is the Queen of the Bells, although I train and teach them I can’t hold a candle to her. She’s a stickler for form and has breathtaking form, I take it as a compliment anytime someone compares my abilities to her. Passionate, creative and motivating, here are her own thoughts. Make sure to check out her site: Queen of the Bells.

   Hello my name is Susan, but a lot of people know me as Queen of the Bells because of my Love for Kettlebells.  When I first started practicing strength training we liked to use the Russian form of Hyper Radiation which stands for Total Body Tension.  There was also something called a Kettlebell that they liked to work out with.  They say it dates back over 200 years, and that the poor would use kettles filled with stones to keep their strength.  I was hooked right there with just the story, and then enters the bell that was developed over time that looks like a cannon ball with a handle on it.  I just had to try it.  A friend and I decided after studying the kettle bell that we would like to attend a class.  What I learned there changed the way I would forever feel about strength training.  With the use of just one bell I could do it all!!   If I can dream it I can make it into a routine.

    We came up with Kettlebell classes because my daughter had just had a baby and needed a routine that would not take up all her time.  Not only did we come up with a routine but we got everything else in there as well.  Strength & Cardio Training. Guts & Butts.  Stabilization Skills and the list goes on and on.  This can be done in as little as 15-20 minutes and you will have a total body workout.  By using the Kettlebell I could take this routine with me anywhere.  When was the last time you packed up your workout bench or treadmill and took it to the beach, or the mountains?  I have done both as well as working out in the rain, snow and sunshine that was so beautiful it took my breath away.  Right now I have the privilege to work with my clients at the park, and oh my what a way to start your day under the stars of the morning right before the sun comes out.  I also look forward to working with them at Body Change. Net’s new head quarters in Terre Haute.  I have a beautiful scenic location that has plenty of space to allow me to continue to invent new and exciting ways to “Love Your Kettlebell”’

     The thing I love about doing Kettlebell classes is that I am giving my clients the variety that they want while I can keep my eye on their form.  I have found that a lot of us like to perform at our best when we work in groups, sometimes we like to feel accountable to someone to keep us going.  Whatever it takes I am here to help you “Love Your Kettlebell”

Sincerely Susan

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