Guest Post: Dr Sharifi’s 10 Keys to Brain Health

I am so thankful to neurologist Dr. Susan Sharifi for starting this week off with her list of the 10 things you NEED to do for brain health:

1.  Maintain ideal body fat and muscle mass
2.  Eat low glycemic, high-quality proteins and healthy fats
3.  Eat small frequent protein meals to avoid drops in blood sugar and to circulate essential amino acids
4.  Eat essential omega-3 fats (take pharmaceutical grade fish oil) and avoid trans-fats
5.  Drink first pressed extra virgin olive oil daily
6.  Get regular exercise to make your brain stronger and healthier with slow movement exercise such as walking 30 minutes to one hour, 3 times per week (preferrably bare foot) as well as weight training with core and balance exercises.
7.  Encourage weekly short splint exercises to work on fast twitch muscle development
8.  Stay mentally active: brainteasers, crossword puzzles, memory games
9.  Relaxation/meditation
10. Get adequate sleep

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