Featured Food: Buffalo

I don’t know but I’ve been wanting to revisit buffalo for a Friday post for a while. Maybe because I pass this buffalo shop: Black Forest Buffalo. Maybe because this picture looks delicious and I longingly (and maybe puppy dog pouty) look at the store everytime I pass. I like meat, period. It’s a great source of the essential amino acids that you need to function properly, for muscle growth and maintenance, and for all around longevity. If you’re missing one of these essentials, you’re screwed. They’re a team and like together, don’t deny them their team spirit. What I fin intriguing about buffalo is that they are not allowed to give them and hormone injections (because they’re typically disease resistant and grow faster)- a major problem with most traditionally sold beef in this country. Another plus for the mighty buffalo is that their meat contains 30% MORE protein than their cow counterpart! They’re rich in CLA, a fat that your body yearns for and loves (promising studies with it being anti-carcogenic-cancer beneficial and positive affects on weight loss). I believe buffalo is a good choice to add to the assorted meat eating regiment. If you can find a place like Black Forest too, even better because they use natural spices as well and top-quality ingredients!

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