Crossing Your Comfort Zone

Comfort Zones: we all have them. I’ve explored them before, but lately I’ve been stepping outside of this self-inflicted area a lot more. What is comfortable?

Sitting on the couch. Eating whatever we like. Not asking the tough questions (or not speaking at all). Avoiding self-evaluation. Living as we’re supposed to. Routines and habits.

I’ve had to strap on my big girl pants recently and take charge. Pay bills, run a business, wheel and deal, do things I’ve never done before. I’ve had to put myself and my name out there, where it is readily available for judgement. To boldly say: I’m Brittany. Throw my shoulders back and go after what I want. To say no. To stay strong. To challenge myself and be challenged. To acclimate and give myself time to catch my second wind. When waves take me down-my purse being stolen or my brakes going out- I’ve got to get back up and keep going. For formerly shy girl, who always played it safe, who thrived in being invisible and hiding, the girl sitting here typing now is light years beyond my comfort zone. But pushing and challenging myself, I have realized brings the greatest rewards. The most fulfillment. The most joy. The greatest feeling of accomplishment. I’ve done cool things: skydiving, zorbing, taking off across the country to Canada by myself with only a plane ticket to Seattle, but these aren’t the experiences that stick out most in my mind. The ones that challenged my character and what I believed I was capable of or doing something I never thought I would do, those are the experiences that stick out. Hitchhiking, climbing Pikes Peak in a hail storm, the coach surfing aspect of my Canadian adventures. One’s that challenge the character of who I thought Brittany was. I was miles away from my comfort zone.

We get comfortable in life. We get comfortable with our lifestyles, so then it can make it hard to change. Yesterday I wrote about coachability, but to move forward and get the rewards we have to step outside our comfort zones. We have to really look at and be honest with ourselves and say: hey this is not working. We’ve got to change. Change habits, change thoughts, change approach. That is not easy, nor comfortable, but do you know what my dad always reminds me? What is the greatest state of comfort? Death! When we allow ourselves to settle and live the easy habitual life, that’s what we end up doing. Look at how our lifestyles create disease and health problems. We are slowly killing ourselves. Killing ourselves with what we shove in our mouths. Killing ourselves with too much exercise, with not enough exercise. Killing ourselves with too much stress. We are killing ourselves because we never cross this line. Weight loss and healthy living doesn’t have to be daunting or scary, but we’ll never get there if we never take a step towards the journey. When we make assumptions of how an experience should or will be, we create fear or anticipation. Don’t think and worry about how you think the experience will go. Let it happen (because often it will be different from you foresaw). Drop the character in your head that you have created. If we never start climbing, if we draw and stay behind the line, our comfort will kill us. Start the climb, get uncomfortable, embrace the challenge and blissfully embrace the reward. One step and thought at a time.

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