Being Coachable

I’ve learned in life that it is okay to admit when you can’t do something or when you’re not very good at something. As a child I enjoyed playing sports, I was a coach’s dream. Quiet with no back talk, but absorbing what they said like a sponge, applying and acting like what they said. Problem: family coaching. This deeper connection with all its conditioning and memes sometimes challenges me. Sometimes I’m proud or stubborn and ways I’ve been my whole life get in the way of my coachability. I want to be independent and self-sufficient so much, I often don’t let others in. They’re wanting to help me, but I won’t take their hand. Like my nephew Trenton says, “I do it myself”. But where is the balance, that I’m always seeking? Where do I draw the line of being myself and fulfilling my purpose, while also letting down my wall to let others lend a hand?

The last couple of months, I’ve had to slowly tick away at that wall. Brittany, this person is trying to make you better, stop being defensive and taking things personally and let them. Look at yourself, truly look at yourself and your behaviors. Is this the best you? Honestly? No, I can be better and this person is guiding me, not controlling or trying to change who I am, but trying to show me to the best/highest version of myself. Let go! What happens when you open up the lines of communication? When you are radically honest with yourself? When you just DO the right things? When yu allow yourself to be coached?

Results, success, bliss, well-being, happiness, joy, lightness, weight loss! If we know it (and believe me I work with plenty of people and even I am not immune to the fatal blow to coaching: I KNOW), then why aren’t we doing it? Why is the nation getting fatter? Why is Alzheimer’s on the rise? Why is heart disease the number one killer? Why is diabetes skyrocketing? Why are we setting up the next generation to have more problems, more health risk, more struggles with food and their weight, more disease? We’ve got to push our egos aside, drop the I know and accept the hand reaching out to us. It’s not about being right or wrong, but just doing the right things and living the lifestyle. Not talking or thinking about it, but actual doing. And sometimes it’s okay to have help with this. There are billions of people on this planet, why can’t we let others in to make us better? Why do we need to grieve, struggle and hide by ourselves? Balance: be strong in who you are, but also be able to let others in, so we can ALL be the best versions of ourselves. Be coachable!

*Sorry for the stall in Paulin’s Pantry videos, I know I just started them and I was just getting my footing, but that lack of phone and therefore video prevents me from having them. Hopefully soon I will have this resolved!

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