Featured Food: Plums

Pinned ImageToday is for my mother. On a gorgeous morning bike ride phone conversation, I asked her to inspire me. I need food for Friday: what are you eating? What do you love right now? What is the dish you can’t get enough of? Compost with berries and plums. Done! Today we are looking at the small, yet delicious and vividly varied colorful plum. What’s the word on plums:

  • Of course you’ll see big words like phenols, namely neochlorogenic and chlorogenic acid. These may go in and out, because being as you probably can’t pronounce them you probably won’t remember them and it means nothing to you that you should eat plums because they are high in neochlorogenic acid. What you really mean is that you are eating a food/s that are rich in colored and provide a variety of nutrients. Rather than painstakingly looking at just what everything contains and memorizing a list of nutrients like you memorized in a spelling list in gradeschool, know that eating different colors of fruits and vegetables is a great way to get an assortment of vitamins and minerals. When shopping at the grocery store go for the rainbow, get all kinds, mix them. Eat locally, eat seasonally, support a farmer that you know, support yourself, nourish yourself, nourish your family/soon to be family. Most of the time these phytonutrients or polyphenols or phenols, really suggest is that they (along with lifestyle) can act as antioxidants-neutralizing free radicals. Free Radicals can increase inflammation. Inflammation is natural and good. Too much inflammation (acute or chronic) destroys the body and creates disease. So when you look up foods and they contain antioxidants you will also get a laundry list of diseases it may combat or decrease the risk of. But really it’s simple: eat a nourishing diet in balance with lifestyle (stress, sleep, moderate exercise) and you’ll decrease your risk of disease later on in life.

Thank you to my beautiful mother for inspiring this post, which I was allowed to share with all of you. She is supposed to (she is) sending me a picture and recipe for her yummy compost. What are you waiting for?! We are in peak plum season- May to October. Eat your rainbow today, Get some rest, relax and Enjoy your weekend!

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