The Power of Touch

First off I’d just like to say this picture makes me think: I’m not touching you. I’m not touching you. Alright, back on track. I feel at least for me that touch is a sense not always appreciated or covered, especially in the health world. We (at least myself formerly) have little bubbles. We name them things like Personal Space, but really it’s like invisible warning signs telling people to back the hell away from us. A space not to be invaded and a line not to be crossed. Now insert my yoga classes last week. Charlotte brought adjusters into class (clarification they made sure to ask if you would prefer not to be touched). Now the first time they adjusted me, my conditioned thought was what the hell and it was probably a little heightened by the fact that it was a woman (which my friend Tab would be immensely jealous of). But then I changed the thought. She wasn’t trying to cop a feel, and believe me my five-fingered foot odor and the drenched shirtless man beside me (a little distracting I may add especially with tattoos and the fact that he’s within touching distance) are not something I’d want to be rubbing on. I then, stopped thinking and paid attention to what she was doing. Not only was she correcting my form, but she was allowing her motion to correlate with my breathing so I would get the pose: elongating of the breathe in for instance. Or sometimes they would rub out the tension (like I said initially  I was trying to do it right, so my agile limber flexibility, was really rigid tensed movements). They were enhancing the movement, getting me to embody the pose. Correcting and teaching me through touch. It was odd to my conditioning, but it really did help. Just a little shoulder massage or clasp could lead to sexual harassment charges, therefore boundaries and bubbles are firmly in place. My own included, so I had to break down the walls to allow my yoga experience to flourish.

I added the power of touch to my Thankful Thursday then: hugs. I was not a big hugger growing up, but my resent departure led me to become an expert. When words began to fail me and the overwhelming emotions took over, I was left with the sensation of touch, through hugging. I joke about radiating energy with my friends (love and positivity), but that’s really what I did. I channeled all my feelings, all my love, all the things I wanted to say but couldn’t get out into my hugs.Transferring and passing on then little pieces of my spirit onto them. Me and my sister, literally could not say a word and we sputtered with them, but a hug helped to seal and allow us to communicate without actually verbally communicating. And so with practice, as I emphasize with most skills in life: strength/kettlebells, teaching, cooking, nourishing, being good; I went from the awkward reluctant Step Brother’s style hug to something heart-felt and full of emotion and radiation.

It’s okay to have walls, but don’t be afraid of touch. It can teach us, guide us, talk for us, show love and convey our feelings if we let go of our barriers and preconceived conditioned thoughts. The Power of Touch

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