Yoga? Yes! Free Trial into the World of Yoga

Pinned ImageOur doubts are traitors,
And make us lose the good we oft might win
By fearing to attempt. -William Shakespeare

Today I reluctantly end my radical free week of yoga, which will inspire my posts not only today, but for the rest of the week. I’ve fancied myself an investigative reporter lately and there was no way I was going to let a week of FREE yoga pass me by. Part curiosity, part something that has always intrigued me, partly to be around new people (nd maybe, just a little bit to get away from Dad and enjoy Brittany time), partly to have a new experience and something I’ve always wanted to try, partly to meditate, partly to connect with myself spiritually and physically. The reasons go on and on. Partly because I get jealous when I see someone in a sick pose (excuse the lack of my own personal pic here, this again is due to its presence on my stolen phone).

I love strength and kettlebells, but it is a dynamic just like general health: a balance of power, explosiveness, muscle endurance, flexibility, functionality, and symmetry. Big body builders are ridiculous to me. Big arms that are isolatedly trained and don’t function together. Which, also overpower their bird legs, throwing them out of symmetry and their rigid stiffness that makes it impossible to touch their toes, let alone se them over theirPinned Image bulging pecs. Put this against the willowy yogi. Maybe I can strike a balance: functional, explosive kettlebell strength training, but long and flexible muscles as well.

My fascination with yoga, was fueled right away when my second instruction began with this Shakespeare quote that she read from The Power of Intention, that I easily recognized across the room. Instant connection. I not only enjoyed the instructors (I had a different one each time) positivity of radiating love and acceptance, but how they related their lives and experiences to the class. Letting you in and comfortable: a person you could relate to. Because they’re right, we often let our emotions: doubt, barriers and fear, sneak into our exercise and frame of mind. I frequently found myself trying. I focused on doing it right or better (better than who I’m still trying to figure out), rather than when I practice kettlebells. Then I focus on each part of the movement, not the totality of the exercise. Like with weight loss: seeing the final weight and mountain to climb, rather than taking it a step at a time. I thought of the final pose rather than concentrating on what the instructor was saying: inhale extend, exhale twist. When I took the time to breathe, listen and embody what they said, did I let go, feel it and actually do it.

Practicing crow, teetering on my tip toes, I don’t need to break my neck because the Pinned Imagewoman behind me is doing a handstand. Is it my best? That’s how I then came to approach each pose, with MY best, but also to release doubt or the idea of being/doing something right or wrong. Like Caroline said: where you’re at today is perfect. You are perfect. Because their message is really the same as mine: the light in me honors the light in each of you. Their sign says: live an extraordinary life, which is something I coincidently picked up from Dr Dyer (the author of The Power of Intention and great spiritual leader). I thoroughly loved my week at Core Power Yoga and you will witness that as the week goes on.

You are Extraordinary. Breathe and Be.


BrittanyPinned Image

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2 Responses to Yoga? Yes! Free Trial into the World of Yoga

  1. wartica says:

    I agree with you on the gym bodybuilding training; did it for years but something was missing, until I came across traditional kung-fu, tai chi/qigong, transcendental meditation, and now yoga–from time to time:)

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