Paulins Pantry: Episode #3 Market Findings

Disclaimer: I had the best video yet- Dad was actually a little enthused of the raw meat and cucumber sliders we made with vegetable stir fry. However, my stolen phone (feel free to send me a line if anyone has T-Mobile smartphones they’re done with) means the video is gone. Luckily the pictures survived, so I hope you enjoy them and we will hopefully have watchable Pantry entries soon, again.

Alrighty Episode #3 proudly displays the fruits of our market scavenge. After a battle through the rain and scanter vender selection, we came away with many hidden treasures. Beautiful roasted peppers, yellow squash, lemon cucumbers, radishes, swiss chard, and mustard greens. Lemon cucumber and raw meat sandwiches to-die-for. Stir fry and slight sear on the meat perfection, the best thing we’ve eaten thus far. Everything working together, not only ascetically but in flavor combination. Shout out to the dreadlocked cutie who convinced me to get the mustard greens and yellow squash, even though I only came over for the chard. Maybe he knew my weakness for dreadlocks or maybe he knew I am an easy sell, but he was right the greens worked beautifully in the stir fry (and he should try it because he expressed a personal desire to try them in a stir fry). Check out the stunning photos, watch the video, and make friends with your own farmer.

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