Featured Food: Lemon Cucumbers

Today food is a realization because it will be featured in tomorrow’s post. I’m not going to get terribly into it, but keep it simple. At the market, I found myself in a sea of vegetable last week. These light yellow, slightly green round vegetables caught my attention. ‘What are these?’ I inquired. ‘Those are lemon cucumbers, my favorite cucumbers. They’re clean with less skin.’ Wow she hit the nail on the head there. I had never seen or heard of lemon cucumbers before this encounter. Needless to say, as an appreciator of cucumbers, I too fell victim to the charms of the lemon cucumber. Small and cute, it had a crisp refreshing quality. It was easy to slice and I didn’t have to peel it (spoiler: we sliced them for sliders and they were perfect, who needs bread?). Not surprisingly, I couldn’t find much information on benefits, which is really fine because remember I don’t want to clutter and just list things included. Let’s use common sense: it’s a vegetable, it’s kind of green: it is good for you. I’d say low glycemic, it won’t spike insulin, It’s thermogenic, and low in calories. I’ve covered so many foods on different Friday post, that I find it exciting to discover new things and to shed light on them so other will know now that there are lemon cucumbers and they are delicious! Have a wonderful week and if you ever come across lemon cucumbers, try them!

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