Move! Bottom of the Exercise Pyramid

We love a pyramid in this country. Maybe because it’s such a time honored symbols, dating back centuries to the genius Egyptians who constructed the famous pyramids. My point, is that the bottom of the triangle signifies the most importance. It is the largest section and yields the most attention and time. When we reference our Exercise Pyramid the bottom is made up of slow aerobic activity: therefore most of our exercise time should be engaged in this. Now Monday I covered the Running Company and the prevalence of different activities, interests, fitness levels and the beautiful uniqueness of us all. For most slow aerobic activity would manifest itself in the form of walking or hiking (this would include me). For some this may be: swimming, biking, or running (and we’ll evaluate us), whichever gets us motivated and going, right? For me walking allows me to reconnect with myself: to get away from influence and reinforce what it is I believe and realigning with my own purpose. This is my pace, and I actually used to be a cross-country runner and the whole time I wondered: why am I doing this? Running is just not my thing, but I know many individuals who just love it (for me too much pounding and too much stress- I struggle and laborious for ME- therefore it is too much cortisol for me and it does nothing to turn me on or get excited so I stick with my slower pace). Then I think of primal man who would likely walk most places, so then he’d have a reserve and could sprint when being attacked or when attacking because he wouldn’t be wearing out by running around all day. But I also know that primal man was walking HOURS a day, and although I get several hours in a week, I am no were near what he was getting and my clients (and you) are not likely in the hustle and bustle of modern world to match primal levels. And we all have different fitness levels and intensities levels. So it’s about finding the heart rate levels that are unique to us. I think of African tribes whose slow aerobic movement would be a sprint for me, but that’s how they’re conditioned and what is premium for them. The key then (I believe) is to strive to get as much activity in during the week as YOU can. Move! Stride, Stroke, Pedal, something, just do it! We’ll cover the rest of (and I’ll create a visual) the rest of the pyramid in the next coming months, but for now make your weekly goal to get AT LEAST 3 hours of some form of  slow aerobic activity a week. Find something that you enjoy, don’t battle or stress against it because that is counterproductive (too much cortisol), go after your unique niche.

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