Essential EPA

Alrighty, I’ve really been giving it to you with fats: olive oil, coconut oil and fish oil. Our bundle (mom, dad and I) have been working extensively to put literature and packages together with oil,  because we feel like we dropped the ball (and lessened our commitment) with our dedication to educate and offer these service. Therefore besides creating brochures and letter, I have this beautiful tool to reach everyone. Dad has been working with me on my sales/marketing technique and he was right. Before when writing posts health topics I would bullet a laundry list of health benefits. But who can remember all that (remember clutter)? And so what if something includes EPA, what the hell is that and how does it apply to you in your health? So from now on you will see me try to take not only a simpler approach, but to list things and then deliver the benefit: how it applies to you and your health and why you need it. Back to that EPA thing, because that is the topic of today’s post. When writing about fish oil, I listed it as one of the major benefits, but I thought maybe we could look at it a little further.

  • Inflammation is huge on this and this country’s leading problem. Chronic (over and over) levels of inflammation create disease. So heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, all those things that could kill you or are killing the people you love come from inflammation, which is created through lifestyle and poor nourishment. EPA is a power player in fighting inflammation.
  • There’s this fancy word eicosanoid, which are strong hormones that are extremely important for many things, notably inflammation and pain control. And you know what? EPA helps control their levels.
  • EPA IS IN ALL THE CELLS OF YOUR BODY. Something that is so heavily present needs to be looked after obviously.

If you want to fight inflammation and decrease your risk of disease EPA is essential. Fish oil has EPA but you can’t get just any kind. Many over the counter oils, can be not only toxic, but you have to consume a meals worth of pills to get enough EPA. FISH OIL MUST BE PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE. This ensures that the oil has been tested for toxins and dioxins and has premium levels of nutrient. How difficult is it to take 4 pills with your eggs in the morning? Better than getting or having someone I love get Alzheimer’s to forget how we are and die not remembering or unable to take care of ourselves. We will be offering special combination deals on oils, so for ordering information or to join our direct billing monthly refill list check out our contact page or services page because these three oils are the KEYS TO A LONG AND HEALTHY LIFE.

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