Monday Special: Shoes


IMG_20120917_140634.jpgI have realized that life and health are a dynamic. A constant battle to stay balanced. I also relish in the unique. As dad shared from the Seat to the Soul, animals have one soul, but humans have their own unique souls. We also have our own unique bodies, passions and things that drive us. We have different fitness levels and activities that we enjoy. We’ve gotten a wrap of being black and white in the fitness realm, but that is not true. I think that just moving and getting off the couch is great, especially when I’m dealing with someone overweight just getting them to move is the first step. I also realize that we like different things: running, biking, walking, swimming, yoga, or kettlebells. Although I wear Five Fingers, I know that they are not for everyone. I am young and I spent a lot of my youth barefoot, so transitioning and wearing barefoot shoes is not really a stretch for me. Take my father, who has spent twice as long in shoes and his progressed age made transitioning more challenging, and who must still be careful even today. Therefore when looking at shoes you must take into consideration: age, fitness level, the activities you’ll be doing in them, and your individual foot. The foot is a treasure. It houses numerous bones, tendons, muscles, and pressure points. Weak feet=weak legs, joints and posture.

Today I slipped back into my investigative journalist role and went to The Colorado Running Company, who specialize in getting you in the appropriate shoe. I think supporting local businesses is great not only for the local economy, but in health we all should work together not against or competitively against one another. Our focus is weight loss, eating, and getting people to move. Therefore we should build relationships. What I liked about the Running Company, was not only were they friendly, but they work with each person’s uniqueness: inquiring what kinds of activities you’ll be doing and you’re current levels. You can’t run before you walk, just like this week I’m going to yoga, I’m not going to an advanced class when it’s my first time. You have to ease into it. So when you come in, they ask questions and then put you on this machine (for FREE, this is included in the process), which will analyze your foot. Based on this and the information you provide, they will find a shoe for you. Then you will put on the shoe and they will put you on the treadmill or outside to test them out to make sure it is the right foot. Overall, I’d say a pretty cool experience, where you’ll get a product specific to your uniqueness and great service.


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