Featured Food: Olive Oil

After my escapades in olive oil tastings this week and with resurgence in reiterating the importance of olive oil to our clients, today is a refresher in one of the most essential fats to any fat-burner. You’re a fat-burner, working on crossing over, or contemplating taking the plunge. Fats provide essential nutrients to the body as well as energy to the individual intaker. Oils are the main way in which I get fat (I normally get an assortment of oils for different qualities). Olive oil is something I get in everyday, whether through ingestion or topically by applying it to my skin (notably my face it makes a fantastic make up remover).

Why? Why the craze and praise for olive oil?

  • Fat: duh we said this, energy
  • Antioxidants: combat free radical damage. Anyone with inflammation or arthritic condition must take olive oil. Quality is essential here as it will have the highest concentration of polyphenols (over 100s can be found in olive oil-many of  which scientist only beginning to discover the extent of their benefits). Big boy in this one, found in the highest numbers in the Body Change Olio Beato brand, is hydroxytyrosol.

Note: olive oil is largely unsaturated, therefore it is less stable than saturated oils like coconut and tallow. That means it is susceptible to heat, oxygen, and light. Store in dark glass bottles and don’t cook with it. Its low smoke point makes it an ideal candidate for drizzling and salad dressing (like I mentioned it is superb with a quality balsamic).

Now what to look for when buying olive oil? Unfortunately there is a lot of fraud within the the olive oil industry (see my highlights of Extra Virginity or read the book for yourself). Look for a first-pressed extra virgin oil with a harvest date on the back. My oil of choice is Olio Beato. When tasting it should be strong and pepperiness is an indication of polyphenol presence. A tablespoon a day keeps the doctor away. Cheers to olive oil, antioxidants and inflammation combat!

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5 Responses to Featured Food: Olive Oil

  1. zycosemonika says:

    i wll try this oil ………bt this oil will be help to loss weight ?

  2. it sounds amazing……. Olive Oil is natural product ,

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