Crazed for Coconuts? Maybe, Here’s Why


It doesn’t take much to get me excited (what can I say I’m a lover of life), but coconuts send me over the top enthused. I not only embrace them for their delicious goodness, superior nutritional resume, but for the way they feel on my skin, how they smell, the way they make me what to party and remember life is fun. Alright before I get too far ahead of myself and into Brittany Lala land, let’s check out those nutritional facts that really make coconut sparkle (and you know how women are attracted to things that glitter).

Revamping our program and focusing on educating about quality fats for fat-burners, I couldn’t leave this one out. Coconut products come in all forms, but today we are going to focus on the prized oil. Compared to tomorrow’s post on olive oil, coconut oil is most saturated fat. Oh no isn’t saturated fat bad? Calm down click the link if you’re still buying into the saturated fat causes heart disease propaganda and let’s get down to business. Your body needs saturated fat, especially your brain it can’t get enough it seems probably because a large percentage of your brain is fat (especially with all the potential threats and damage to our brains we need some protection-side note on that scary condition known as Alzheimer’s, they have done studies correlating coconut oil use to improved brain health). Because it is mostly saturated, that means it is stable (therefore it is great for cooking as it will hold up to high heat) and mostly solid at room temperature. Great you can cook with it, but what is all the hoopla for coconut really about:

  • Medium Chain fat: this means your body can burn them quicker for energy right away rather than storing them as FAT (technically less calories)
  • Lauric Acid: part of the medium chain fabulousness, it is found in breast milk so it has antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-fungal qualities. Basically this means its great for immunity and to fight potential infection (who likes being sick?)
  • Cholesterol: another misjudged character who is ESSENTIAL to your body. For fat-burners its all about controlling hormones (and to fight future disease risk it is too) and cholesterol is VITAL to ALL of your hormones

These are the heavy hitters in coconut oils repertoire, but I think it is clear that they out weigh the alternative oils we’ve been told to ingest that are heart healthy: vegetable oils that are highly processed and rancid before they hit your body (actually they’re rancid before they hit the self, that’s why it doesn’t matter how long they are up there).

So now we know that since oils are one of the best ways to get fat, coconut oil is a key player to any eating rotation (if not topically because you can absorb nutrients through the largest organ in your body: skin). Have a wonderful thankful Thursday and thanks for reading my morning babble and slight obsession with coconut, tomorrow will be my other beloved oil: Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


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2 Responses to Crazed for Coconuts? Maybe, Here’s Why

  1. zycosemonika says:

    i know coconut its really very healthy for health, but i did not know coconut works like that , it really nice article .

  2. its very true …. coconut help every where … 😀
    i used coconut oil for my hair

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