Kettlebells In the Rain

I’ve written about kettlebells in the sand, in the mountains, in the pool. That’s what I love about kettlebells: Do them anywhere. Today’s post was written and inspired by nature itself. This morning I did my kettlebells in the rain. As usually happens in my marathon runner of a mind, I began to correlate this as a life lesson as well. I’ve posted numerous pictures of sunny blue skyed green carpeted days, but you know what not everyday is sunny. Sometimes it rains. I cannot control the rain (just like sometimes I can’t control circumstance and I definitely can’t control people), so why be upset? I get to decide my thoughts and reactions to the rain. How did I respond? By having my best practice session yet, best juggling, best squat press, best period. Sometimes it rains, but that doesn’t mean that life stops. That we don’t brush our teeth, or quit doing the necessary things in life. We don’t use it as an excuse to be lazy. We embrace as a new opportunity, a challenge, a release. To lay our head back and let the rain fall, don’t fight against it (like your body), but take it in stride as it is (as people are). You can’t just love the sun, sometimes it’s going to rain.

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3 Responses to Kettlebells In the Rain

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