My Strange Addiction: Olive Oil Tasting

I like Halloween, I like reading and losing myself in other lands and tales, I have a huge imagination for creating. Therefore, sometimes I like to play pretend. Today I fancied myself an investigative reporter. My target? Venice Olive Oil Company in Downtown Colorado Springs. My first experience with an olive tasting bar, was coincidentally in Colorado (Denver) last year. As a fat-burner I love and cherish the taste of a good oil and good fat. My tongue cries out for the smoothness and peppery bit on the back of my throat that comes with a good olive oil (an indication that it is high in polyphenols). Besides the fact that they have tin after tin of oil samples that perk my excitement, but this particular one had information cards (check picture reference) that list those treasures polyphenols levels. Plus it’s fresh. When I first arrived they had northern oils, notably from traditional olive oil locations like Spain and Italy, as well a California. Today I was thrilled with my timing, because just this weekend they got in their southern oils: think Chile and Australia now. Fresh! Fresh! Fresh from the vine!

If you’ve never been to a tastings: they provide little cups that you fill from the tap. Sampling as you wish. Some are infused, there are a variety of regions, and each card lists the tones (banana or grassy or avocado). I admit, that I Brittany, have strange addictions and I may be able to Over Dose on Extra Virgin Olive Oil (judge me all you want but I think it’s better than cocaine or alcohol). It is a fat-burners paradise. Each a new discovery for your taste buds to delve into and decipher. They have oils to purchase in all sizes, in dark glass oils, perfect for storing. Now on their website I had some bones to pick with their recommendations, and we will have olives as the featured food on Friday, but I value olive oil for its antioxidant muscle flexing. Therefore I generally drizzle with it, it makes a bomb salad dressing (timeout here to say that they also have Balsamic at these bars for sampling: an 18 year old aged Balsamic is like candy and is the perfect accompaniment to any oil on a salad). It is NOT known for its heat threshold. It is a weeny in this realm: therefore I do not recommend cooking with it (grab coconut, tallow, lard, goat butter, or cow butter but hoard your velvety smooth olive oil).

It may be a strange addiction and odd that I prefer olive oil bars to beer bars, but what can I say. I took a bullet for research today and may have overdone it a little bit, but someones got to do it. If I’m found passed out with a bottle of oil, you know the culprit. If you can find an Olive Oil Balsamic tastings bar, go. If not go for the Olio Beato: trusted, first-pressed and loaded with antioxidants like hydroxytyrosol. Signing out: amateur/wanna be investigative journalist Brittany Paulin.

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2 Responses to My Strange Addiction: Olive Oil Tasting

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  2. i agree with u … olive oil is better than cocaine or alcohol..
    i m also bit of excited to try it

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