Raw Vs. Cooked


I thought today we’d dip into the whole raw controversy. To cook or not too cook, is actually I find a little trickier than it may seem. Lots of health sites (I notice a lot on vegan sites in particular), raw is quite popular. Now in viewing today’s post, it is again one of those pick and chose your battles type thing (how stringent do you want to be with your eating?). As with most topics it’s about balance I believe.

I think the issue is which foods to cook?

Meat: ideally with red meat I like it as rare as possible to retain amino acids, but here we should take into consideration source. If the meat comes from wild or grass-fed I’m cool with the red still chilled or completely rare bits. Store bought, grain-fed cows I’m not so convinced about. Verdict: as rare as possible on good meat sources.

Eggs: this I believed the same thing, until I read the Weston Price and did research on children. The whites actually can be tough to digest raw (yolks not so much a problem, but infants can eat yolks after 6 months, but not the whites until they are 1 year old because of enzyme inhibitors). Verdict: you don’t have to go all Rocky style and chug downs eggs, if you occasionally want to put away some raw eggs go for it, but it isn’t really necessary.

Veggie: this one is a little complex and again varies with the source and type of vegetables. Cuneiform vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower), I have read are better for you cooked, as well as spinach (neautralizes oxalates). I don’t know about you, but I prefer these cooked anyways. Verdict: I would say mix it, cook it or enjoy raw if you like it that way.

Nuts: ah, this one is tricky. We’ve been told to eat raw nuts it’s good for you. Every discussion me and dad have about nuts ends with: they mess up his digestion and when clients are given the options of nuts they overeat or don’t lose weight. The problem with raw nuts is that they, like gluten, have phytates that disrupt digestion (part of the reason you can’t stop eating them and why they tear up dad’s stomach). Nuts, actually need to be soaked and then heated at a low temperature to neutralize the phytates. Verdict: soak and treat your nuts.

Oils: take note of cooking temperatures. Oils like tallow, lard, and coconut oil I love to cook and fry with. Olive oil, on the other hand, is not going to hold up. Drizzle with it (makes a bomb salad dressing)

I know this article isn’t laiden with research and in-depth discussion, but I’m really trying this keep it simple don’t clutter the brain practice. It’s easy to get bogged down in the health world (and then you are always battling: like you are never doing anything ‘right’), all this does is create stress about eating (and everything), which takes you out of balance, away from health, and out of fat loss. To cook or eat raw? I definitely don’t agree with all raw diets (and honestly don’t find them appetizing as well). Eat good sources of meat as raw as you can stand, cook your egg whites, and cook or eat vegetables raw; but most importantly whatever you do, don’t stress over it. Relax and pick and chose your health battles. If you want more on the topic, go to the Weston Price website and get your fill of science and research.


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