Sunday Special: Weston Meeting and Tallow for Your Skin

I’m back (back in the Saddle Again- sorry Dad discovered a killer rock station and I have Aerosmith on the brain)! I’m recharged, amped, inspired, ready to go, knock your socks off, high on life, infinitely energized, blogs planned for months, ideas out the a**, can’t stop me now. Get my point yet? Where has this reboot come from? Well besides the usual excitement of merely breathing and being alive, today attended my first local chapter meeting for the Weston A. Price (click the link to find out about this tremendous organization). I Brittany, admit that I have an insatiable hunger for knowledge and a burning passion for health. That term foodie: that is me. Going to a farmers market or Whole Foods ignites that spark, that endorphin love life high. The potential, the nourishment, the flavor, how I can share this with others (cooking, blogging, etc) all right in front of me. Overwhelming. Overwhelmingly positive. Imagine my excitement upon finding out that the chapter here hosts meetings. I pull up to a breathtaking house with my deliciously pictured salad (recipe to follow), to a room filled with over 20 people. My initial meeting observation mode masks my bubbling excitement.

Today’s meeting topic: a demonstration and talk about tallow by Andrew (an infectiously enthusiastic man who infuses and radiates his positive energy flow outwards). After reading Extra Virginity and my romantic visions of Greek gods basking in chiseled oil glory, I began using oils on my skin (I even did a post that you can click to check out as well). Being as the olive oil is a little pricier, I decided to use it sparingly-on my face as it is a great make-up remover. The remainder of my body I decided to coat in coconut oil (this time envisioning Polynesians with their glowing skin and shining hair). The thought of tallow never really occurred. To begin I had a challenging time finding tallow in Indiana and had to order it from Wellness meats. This tallow I hoarded for my homemade venison/liver ground mix. But skin? It makes perfect sense. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and you can absorb nutrients through it (and let’s face it, for most it’s challenging to get a proper balance of nutrients through diet, especially those essential fat-soluble vitamins). Duh, animal fat equals fat-soluble vitamins (plus other healthy-healing properties).

Now I’ve done many off the wall traditional preparation, but I have yet to get my hands on some suet (the fat around the kidneys of remnant animals=think mostly cows) to render my own fat. More excitement then to have Andrew demonstrate: cubing the suet, placing it in a holed pan over another pot at 225, using a potato masher to extricate the maximum amount of oil. This is how he rendered, but the demonstration was for making a balm to place on skin (tallow is hard-like wax- so it is not individually an ideal candidate solely for skin care). To make the balm he added 9 parts tallow to 1 part olive oil (remember the fraud within the olive oil industry look for first pressed extra-virgin with a harvest date- I use and promote Olio Beato- a cough or peppery taste on the throat is a sign of a good olive oil). He also added some essential oils (the single smell of tallow is not the most alluring scent, so if you’re trying to hook a hottie add some smell good oils, but again make sure they are quality. If it says do not ingest you are in trouble, the balm is a whole food you should be able to lick your lips and not worry).

Overall I found the meeting informative and it really got the wheels turning that rendering my own suet and making my own skincare maximum benefit product, is right up my ally (gotta get my hands on some suet). So today was my glorious return after a week hiatus, conceptually I have some killer blogs planned. So stay tuned and discover with me as we try to figure out this little thing called health, as we also delve into inspiration and thought. Also, check out Saturdays. I will be posting weekly cooking podcasts and episodes of what I am entitling Paulin’s Pantry’s where you get to watch my insane life enthused energy in action. Happy Sunday and more to come! Check out Andrew’s site: Vintage Tradition.

Recipe for Peach & Tomato Salad

Not only is this dish mouth wateringly beautiful, but so easy  to assemble, plus it’s peach season and you need something to do with them right?

  • 3 organic tomatoes
  • 2 locally grown organic peaches
  • basil
  • 1/4 cup EVOO (I used Olio Beato)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • stick of raw local honey

To Make: just slice and toss together, so easy. Fresh and delicious!

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