Paulin’s Pantry Episode 1: Eggs

Saturday’s are now video day! Each week I will post a new cooking adventure into the Paulin kitchen. I figured it wasn’t enough to just inject my enthusiasm into my post, you need to see it and feel it (note Dad had a rough time keeping up this level of peppiness). As we are a little budgeted this month, the first video is of our egg preparation. They’re quick, cheap, but also a great nutritional source. Here is a picture of the final product (I tossed in some mushrooms as well). I hope that you enjoy and stay tuned, I think videos are a great way to interact, especially for the people back in Terre Haute (and global supporters) to stay up to date with us and like I said to inject a little more personality and a punch of fun into the post. Stay tuned because next week I think we’re doing liver!IMG_20120907_082627.jpgthese were delicious too, who says eggs are boring and bland, I could (and have) eat these everyday and each day they would be as fantastic as the day befores (don’t forget about the eating experience: basically it’s all in your head)

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