The Eating Experience

I found this list on Pinterest, and it married perfectly with my thoughts after eating with my father. Maybe our approach to food is off. We are in a rush, we love convenience, we have a need for speed and urgency to blaze through life. Gone are the sit down family meals. Replaced with fast food between practices. Stuffing our faces in the car, barreling down the highway as we hurry to the next meeting. You know what I love about healthy regions? Not only their relaxed approach to life (hello actually using vacation time and taking siestas), but eating is more than just filling themselves. It is social, it is special, it is treasured.

Being a former binge eater, food served to fill something or to cope. Once you ate something, then you just didn’t stop (and eggs are not a bingers priority food). With all my research on traditional cooking, and deepening my rapture with preparing my own food, I have learned about pride. The elation I get from visiting a farmer’s market or a health food store is second to none (comparable to the high I get from hiking). I enjoy meeting the farmer, visting the farm, seeing the animals and practices to get the vibes of where my food is coming from (when I’m not killing it myself, I am very fond of having my hands involved in the whole forest to table experience- there is just something about self-sufficiency, another euphoria). Plus I am able to support a local economy. Compare this to the food widely available to us. Highly processed made in a plant. It makes me sick when reading about how they make our food in factories. Where pressure and high heats are generated by machines to deliver the food that arrives in our stores. We have sacrificed our pride for convenience and to save the almighty dollar because this food is easy and cheap to produce, it has a great storage life and is highly addictive so people (our precious kids) keep coming back for more.

Since food addiction is very real (although not often dealt with, but that is my passion, to teach others to think differently about food and health), we need to evaluate this relationship with food. Okay so you’ve opted for buying whole foods (steaks, vegetables, fruits), now it’s time to prepare them. I relish in cooking healthy food not only for myself, but for others (I actually get more joy cooking for others). Having my hands in the skillet or pot, playing with season profiles, providing flavor with great fats and tasty sea salt, making my own bone broths (whose intestinal benefits makes my appreciation soar), or even fermenting my own foods so I can brag about the state of my flora (healthy bacteria that live in your gut and promote immunity). Most importantly I love sitting down (with dad this includes a candle), giving thanks for the food that will nourish my body, practicing how food enters my body (fish oil and high vitamin butter first, protein and then fruit or vegetable), and enjoying each bite. I practice (remember how important practice is and for me I know I have to keep this in the front of my mind or old memes from my binging may sneak in) enjoying each bite. Remember climbing the mountain howfrom Dr. Wayne Dyer it’s about each step. Or when dancing it’s about each movement and not just getting across the floor? Or when practicing strength, it’s about squeezing and firing up muscles? When appreciating each bite in the moment you never get bored with eating. I’m getting ready for a week of eggs and apples each day. Last year when I went to Yosemite I ate only hard-boiled eggs everyday. Does this bother me? No, part of enjoying each moment is seeing everything (tasting) with new eyes. Boredom is not exist (yes when you say you’re bored with eating, you’ve made this up just like stress, it does not exist). Adopt and get-off on the fat in your meals rather than numbing your tongue with processed sugar laced crap that makes up many Americans plates. That’s the beauty of being a fat-burner: flavor, satiety and no cravings.

Evaluate your practice and experience with eating. Take pride in the process that get foods on the table. Give thanks. Stop fighting and beat your addiction by practicing with love and appreciation for what food is doing for you. Quit the rush. Each meal is a practice session. An opportunity to be better. With so much potential, there is no need to give up on our health when we have ‘failed’. Keep practicing, but don’t stress and quit when you’re not perfect. The beauty is the next meal can be better (keep it in your thoughts- repetition is the best way to develop positive life habits). Happy eating!

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4 Responses to The Eating Experience

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  2. zycosemonika says:

    i m doing dieting and as well as doing exercise . i have loosed about 5 kgs weight but i was felling so weak ,and again i took my normal diet .again i gained 7 kgs weight . so in that condition what cn i do ?

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