Climbing the Weightloss Mountain


       Climbing our first mountain today, brought about a great metaphor. Initially as we began to climb, I experienced ‘first wind’. My heart rate began to skyrocket at the steep incline, making me uncomfortable. My conditioned thinking said, “Why are you doing this? You can turn around now, why put yourself through this?” The memes I talked about on Thursday began to play in my mind. With weight loss, we start out excited to climb the mountain, but as we get our first wind we start to question our commitment. As we face our addictions and what is comfortable for us (conditioned eating and habits), we can continue to climb the mountain or turn around back to what is ‘easy’. I have learned the most rewarding experiences, like the view from the top are challenging. Life doesn’t have to be easy and comforting all the time. Things that take me out of my comfort zone, are the ones that stand out in my mind. So do we let the road bump or the first wind stop us from getting to the top?

         If we’re patient and push on eventually we will begin to acclimate to the growing altitude. As the ascent climbs higher and higher the view begins to get greater and greater (we begin to feel better and better). Sometimes, though, I found I couldn’t tell where the trail was going or I’d get off the path. Sometimes we do this, but always I found my way pack to the trail. So if we get off the eating or health path, we just have to make sure we find it again. After climbing so far, why would climb all the way down. You’re so close to the top. The view is so breathtaking. You can feel the top, you’re so close. Why turn around.

         When climbing the weight loss mountain we have to pass through the initial challenge: first wind (our addictions). After that we must keep moving up. Even if we get off the path, we keep going up. Never back down!


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3 Responses to Climbing the Weightloss Mountain

  1. Mary Auten says:

    Another great inspiration from you, Brittany!
    The pictures are awsome!!
    What does that plaque say? Is that the lady that died on the mountain? What about the camoflage picture? Is that an eye I see looking at me?

    • bodychangetrainers says:

      Thanks Mary, the mountains are great motivation. The plaque is a dedication to the people in the area. I’m not sure about an eye, I think you’re seeing the crack in the plaque. The camo pic is a track, which we are claiming to be an elk track.

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