Living Fearlessly for Change

This is Cheryl. Although I did not see eye-to-eye with Cheryl on some of her beliefs (she believed sugar was okay to eat, and it is fine to disagree it is not about being right or wrong we all decide how to live our lives and if someone doesn’t ask/want my advice I don’t have to inflict it upon them), she got the wheels turning in my mind. Not only does her sign clearly fit in with some of my post the last week, but it reinforces the belief of the power of thoughts.

Dr. Dyer has changed my life. Excuses Begone was the first book of his that I read (although Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life had the most profound effect on me). We full of memes and excuses (myself included; I frequently discover a new meme to be dealt with). These memes come from a place of fear. These fears prevent us from ever changing. I see it in our business. Once people find they have to change their lifestyle to be healthy and change their bodies, they begin looking for an out (an excuse to go back to the way they were living). Sometimes they’ll blame me (that’s okay I can only ask for help for them but they have to do the work themselves and they have to want help). Change, when we change they use it as an excuse to quit (changing from low-fat to fat-burners lost us a lot of clients, but we are always trying to be better and those that are dedicated and want to be better will stay with us). If they don’t lose weight fast enough, they have an excuse to Feargo. If they gain the weight back because they don’t follow the program, they’ll blame us and quit (which is unfortunately part of the reason we have to continue to move because for everyone that gets it, you’ll have 5 that don’t follow and those 5 go around saying that it doesn’t work. Spreading their memes and excuses to others. Fear is contagious.) Eating healthy is expensive, your program is expensive. 1. We’ve always said if someone cannot truly afford us, we would work with them for free. 2. Dad and I got groceries yesterday for two weeks (which we will eat all of and none will go to waste) for $30 a week (or $15 each a week).  Don’t ever use this excuse to eat crap. Grab eggs and produce, it’s just as cheap as processed junk. My life is stressful, I don’t have time. Prioritize and stress is created in the mind. We decide on our lifestyle, habits, and career. If it is stressful it is because we have created these thoughts.

Need, like, and want are disastrous for change. Something that was brought up with Cheryl is what do we need. We are so afraid to go without. Like my dad has been saying, ‘You can walk from Florida to New York and you know what you NEED?’ The only correct answer is water. No not food. We live such cushy lives and we want to eat and we want to get pleasure from food, which we can’t possibly go without. Today we climbed a mountain without eating before or during. We committed ourselves the last week to eating the food we had, thus the last four days our meals have consisted of hard-boiled eggs. Sure they were fine, they were good (not the best thing I’ve ever eaten). They provided nourishment. I don’t have to dislike the food I eat, but every time I eat I don’t have to be looking for maximum pleasure (although dad and I are good cooks so our food never really tastes bad).

Sometimes you just have to do. Just follow. Don’t look for something to be enjoyable and comfortable all the time. Lose the concepts of liking, wanting and needing. Look for memes, excuses and fears in your life and strive to overcome them, otherwise you’ll never change or attain your goals.

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One Response to Living Fearlessly for Change

  1. Little Sis says:

    I’ve been reflecting a lot on the idea that you reflect on here – our need for food and how we’ve translated that into want and used that as a reason to “treat” ourselves all the time. We need a coffee made just for us with tons of sugar and fat; our kids need caffeine and high fructose corn syrup dissolved in fizzy water… all the time… as a beverage, not as a treat. It’s astonishing, and sad.

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