Kettlebells Anywhere

With mom training at the park and Dad and I being traveling kettlebell trainers, I thought that on this weeks exercise post we’d review one of my favorite aspects of kettlebells:

You can train with them anywhere.

Like my mother always jokes, you can’t use it as a coat rack. But it’s easy fit in any vehicle makes it easy to take on vacation. there is no reason not to practice your art of strength. What I love is that you can practice in different terrains with different scenery. I love taking them outdoors, because it really is the perfect playground for training. Me and Dad did them at a rest stop on the prairie surrounded by curious birds and endless fields. With the limited distractions we were really able to focus on resistance and each movement. Once we arrived in Colorado, not only were we training at higher altitude but we could take them along anywhere. Dad opted for the hotel parking lot, but I took mine to the park (hence the picture). I found a beach volleyball pit with unlimited sand. I took off my barefoot shoes and sunk in, facing the mountains. It was a phenomenal practice session. Next time I intend to actually take them to the mountains. Kettlebells prevent the excuses and the options of where to do them is infinite. So use your imagination and get outside with your bells (don’t forget about forest bathing as well, where just 5 minutes outdoors has been shown to boost mood).

Oh and PS the end result of my two week nourish challenge was 8 pounds in 2 weeks.

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