Preventing Eeyores

It may seem weird that I may use a quote from Winnie the Pooh on a health website, but part of what me and dad have talked about on our journey across the country has been our passion. Our passion to teach and how we can best to do that. While reading The Te of Piglet, I have to pause to share this with you. Because although we’ve so often taught that eating is the key to health, health is a dynamic. There are countless variables, but at the center of these variables are our thoughts. We can’t change anything about ourselves if we do not change the way we think. Part of this is conditioning and how we have been taught but we always have the chance to change (like we talked about with practicing on Thursday). I stopped on Eeyore’s. What it said about Eeyore teachings is this:

Its response to the problem of vanishing childhood is to speed up the process- give the students more information, give it to them at a faster rate, and give it to them sooner. Put children in school at the earliest age possible; load them down with homework; take away their time, their creativity, their play, their power; then plug them into machines. That’ll whip them into shape. Well, it’ll whip them, anyway.

Something I will always remember Dr. Tank telling my dad is, “Jim you’ve got to keep it simple.” I know in the past in orientations or even on this site sometimes I get so excited Stairs... stairs... stairs!with what I’m learning that I don’t keep it simple. Like my dad says, I clutter my mind. And thus, can clutter the minds of the people I am trying to help. To change is to practice. To practice is to control your thoughts. To control your thoughts you must believe. To believe in Body Change, to live a long healthy life and to reduce your body fat you have to believe in the guide lines and the guidelines are simple. When dealing with clients you must take steps. And while you’re moving forward, enjoy each step; don’t be so focused on the result that you lose sight of what’s around you. Don’t forget the fun in practicing. Hell, don’t forget what Pooh himself says, “Life is fun.” There is nothing wrong for striving for perfection, but you can’t get frustrated or let yourself feel like you’ve failed if you slip up. Learn the lesson in move on. The next moment, the next meal is an opportunity to practice and do better. Don’t live in the past, but learn and move on from it. Don’t continue to beat yourself up or you’ll never move forward.

So when adopting a new lifestyle, we’ve got to take it one day at a time: Today I am not going to eat any grain, starches or sugars. Then begin transitioning into looking at the sources of food. But you’ll never reduce and keep body fat off if you do not get rid of your addictions and control insulin. If you want to live a long life, one that you remember, take cod liver oil and get healthy fats that promote brain health. Simple, take care of your brain and reduce the opportunity for Alzheimer’s. Love and believe in yourself. Although I can ask for help for my clients, I cannot do the work for them. I cannot eat for them or exercise for them. I can give them the guidelines, but they have to execute them. I will be there to guide them, but they are behind the wheel, I am merely the passenger. I can only practice making myself better. Focus on making myself a better teacher and then I will make my clients better. Let’s drop the Eeyore teaching system. Get off the plugged in treadmills and get outside. Take a walk and play because otherwise we’ll all be a bunch of Eeyore’s and the world can’t function with Eeyore’s in charge.

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2 Responses to Preventing Eeyores

  1. Vinny Grette says:

    I agree with the idea that nutrition info is best served up in sips. Too large a mouthful just makes us gag! My aim is to write about healthy eating for kids and their family. I cut it all up into small chunks. Hope I am not a Eeyore clone….

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