Practice Makes Perfect


practicePractice makes perfect. This is definitely a common expression, but our leisure drive across the prairie and deep conversations has brought new meaning to this. As is Paulin tradition, there is balanced blend of inspirational in with the physical take to practice. Every day, every moment is an opportunity to practice. To be better. To have better thoughts. To eat better. To decrease the chances of inflammation. To practice the art of strength and kettlebells. To sleep better. To  less and meditate more. To think that I am perfect health. To think that my body is perfect. Anything we believe is what is. Our opportunities and potential are indefinite if we see the world as limitless. That the mind is power and with it we can/be anything. Take each day as practice session. Live in appreciation for being. Give thanks for having today to practice being better. The beautiful thing is that we always have a chance to be better today than I was yesterday. We are our thoughts.

Like Gandhi says:  Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny.

What a perfect Paulin quote. The beauty of change is that it is never stagnant. We are constantly changing. The body I have now is completely different from the one that I had when I was ten and will be different than the one I have at 50 or 80 or 150. Health, like Cowan said in the Fourfold Path to Healing is a dynamic not a state of being. As I’ve realized life is a constant strive for balance. Health is the same way. We must balance hormones, stress, nutrients, sleep, exercise, and more to keep health in a balanced state. We must always balance our thoughts and strive to be better. Affirm to yourself:

Today I am going to be good with my eating OR

Today I am going to nourish myself OR

Today I am going to give my best to practicing kettlebells

Today I will not stress

Today I am happy

Today I will practice being better

We don’t have to find pleasure in the things we do. We don’t have to like nor dislike food. We have to look at the nourishment that it satisfies our body’s needs. Rather than identifying with food and using it for pleasure.  Food is our drug. Just like with stuff it’s okay to have but we have to lose the attachment. We can’t identify ourselves with food or use it to fill a void in our life. If each day is our last do we want to spend it focused on food or just enjoying the fact that you’re alive. Doing things that bring you joy or with people you love. Every day we should then set out like it’s our last to live our passion, love, and be better. You always have a choice. Every moment or bad thought can be instantly changed to a good one or one originating in love. Repeat the good over and over. Feel it and embrace. This moment, this second is all that matters. We constantly have opportunities and chances.

Breathe, BE, Appreciate, and Practice



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2 Responses to Practice Makes Perfect

  1. Jeanine and Tom says:

    Not only LIKE this….I LOVE this! Heard it before, but good to hear again! Thanx.

  2. susansbells says:

    I agree with Jeanine and Tom as always I love hearing you and your father’s thoughts. Miss and Love you both.

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