Mission Nourish: Day 11 and 12


Alright tomorrow I am moving, so this is my last nourishment posts for my two week challenge (which I think I have done pretty excellent). As I didn’t post yesterday, Day 11 and 12 will be grouped together. These two days represent what to do while going my out. My fabulous friends had contemplated fixing me dinner, but knowing me well, they knew that’d probably not work out. Therefore, both Monday and Tuesday I found myself at sushi. On Monday Shadow, Jenna, Tab, and I made our way to Tokyo grill in Terre Haute. I really have not eaten any grain or sugar in at least two years, and although I enjoy sushi rolls, I have conceded to eating only the sashimi. So I warmed up with a seaweed salad, before my breathtaking plate of raw salmon, snapper and tuna arrived. Tuesday I had dinner with Cam and Chelsey at Umi grill. Again I opted for a beautiful plate of sashimi. I have to be honest too, I thought their fish was better. The marbling and cut of the fish was perfection and the salmon was unbelievably creamy and decadent. So if you’re going to dinner, especially sushi, go to a restaurant you trust. Say no to the rice and grub on sea vegetables.


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  1. Thanks to suggesst us better menu for dinner.

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