Mission Nourish: Day 7

imageBack to my ground venison/liver concoction. Toss in some bone broth and a strip of bacon at the end. Today to mix things up and keep it exciting, I added in a couple of blueberries. I am notorious for mixing savory and sweet, although there are traditional mixes of meat and fruit: pork and apples, blueberry chicken, and peaches and chicken. I have to say my broth and meat was so strong that it overpowered the berries, so maybe I should have removed the meat and let it cool slightly, then serve the berries on top so that they had an opportunity to shine on their own. After a week of healthy eating focused on just eating the best foods, I lost a 1/2 percentage of body fat. Even though my weight didn’t move, my muscle tissue went up. It just shows that you can’t depend on the scale alone. You can change without the scale changing. Stay tuned to see how my results turn out next week and to see what new kinds of eating I can come up with!

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