Mission Nourish: Day 5


This is the infamous tongue that has caused an uprising of gross comments on my Facebook, has been the subject of many text messages, and showings to Apple Bee’s managers, dominoing to include more of the staff. Never afraid to shock or try something new, I’ve actually had tongue before in the form of a head cheese that I got from Wellness Meats in February. This, however, was my first time of actually preparing the tongue. The great thing about the extra bits of the animals is that they’re cheap or that people merely don’t want them so you get them for free (as is the case with this tongue-thanks to the Renn family). I kind of looked at how to prepare one, but really in most instances in my life, I prefer to just wing it and dive right in. Usually it is braised, but I conceptualized that I grilled it, and what makes everything yummy? Bacon! So before leaving to take photos with my friends, I put it in a pot with some water. When I returned I removed the membrane from the tongue and cut it into cubes. Next, seeing as I love garlic, I slit a hole to stuff it with a clove, before wrapping it in bacon. Secure on a stick and I was ready to go. Unfortunately my friends and I were not anticipating the fire that came from setting it on the grill. After safely transporting it to foil, we were good to grill. While that cooked I Photo: Fire!!!tossed broccoli, more garlic cloves and mushrooms in grass-fed tallow for an impromptu stir-fry that was oh so filling. Next up was the tongue, which I admit some pieces were a little tougher, as is the price for not following prep rules, but I thought it was still yummy and I still like it better than liver. Words of wisdom: don’t use as much garlic as I did. My poor friends (and the sofas I tried out to help Tab pick a couch) had to deal with all the garlic smell oozing out of my pours the next couple of days. Verdict on the tongue: not bad, just getting over your initial reactions. Go on a limb try something new, especially if someone is giving it to you for free.


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