Mission Nourish: Day 2


Today I have made my own ground meat in a food processor. It is a combination of venison from a deer that I either killed, butchered, drug/hung, or drive, with grass fed liver and tallow. I cut up one small piece of bacon which took it over the top in yumminess. If you’re not fond of liver or offal try this and you may be surprised. I added bone broth to the end. Served on the side are cabbage in a little coconut oil and first pressed extra virgin olive oil and a dollop of Kimchi. This is something I would eat everyday and is a testament of what I consider to be an ideal meal: protein, liver, butter short chain fats, medium chain coconut, long chain hydroxytyrosol, greens and fermented. Brittany’s Offal Homemade Ground 1 lb of venison (or beef) 1 lb grass fed liver 4 Tbsp grass fed tallow To make: so easy, place in the processor and blend to the consistency you like. I actually found I preferred to so the liver first cause it’s kind of runny. Then I did the venison and tallow and used my hands to combine them I also used this time to season it with a smorgasbord of spices and herbs.

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