Mission: Nourish Day 1

I work best when something is challenging for me. I am queen at pushing myself, of doing better than the time before (hello I time my water meter routes so that I can best it each month. There is no real competition, just my own imagination pushing me forward). Therefore as part of my countdown, I have decided the next two weeks to challenge myself to try to prepare the most nutritious meals possible (don’t worry I’m still going to do research based posts still). I will record them here. Lately I’ve posted a lot of baked goods, but the truth is a lot of the times I don’t even sample them (that would be my mother). I like real food. I love to cook traditionally, so here is a two-week special of what I would actually eat. So prepare yourself for fermented offal goodness. I’m already a little behind. Tuesday night I prepared kidneys for the first time (shout out thanks to Dr Sharifi for providing them). I sliced them into smaller pieces, cooked them in some grass-fed tallow (that I ordered a while back from U.S. Wellness Meats) and a bit of Kerry Gold butter that I got from Baesler’s. I found that the kidney’s were holding a lot of water, so near the end I strained this out and added my homemade grass-fed bone broth. With this I did an assortment of mixed frozen vegetables here would be one of the things I should tweak, I would prefer if the veggies were organic/fresh, preferably from a local farmer so that they are seasonal as well. With these I had Hawaiian sea salt and a drizzle of organic coconut oil and Olio Beato first pressed extra virgin olive oil. Lastly on the side I had a small serving of kimchi-Korean fermented cabbage. So in one meal I had my greens, offal protein, medium chain lauric acid rich coconut oil, polyphenol anti-inflammatory olive oil, animal fat laced with fat-soluble vitamins, fermented foods to promote healthy bacteria and a bone broth with trace minerals to soothe the walls of my intestine. I have to say I really enjoyed the kidneys- more so than liver served by itself. The great thing about offal is that even though it is grass-fed (generally a little pricier), it is pretty cheap to buy. Plus most of the time our ancestors dug into the fatty organ meat for strength and energy rather the tough muscle meat. You know what it can’t hurt to try to you never know you may like it!

Brittany’s Bomb Bone Broth

  • Grass-fed bones (in this case I used a goat’s bone that again Dr Sharifi provided)
  • 1/8 cup of vinegar (I’ve used coconut, but in this instance I used apple cider vinegar)
  • a variety of spices (sea salt, cinnamon, turmeric, fennel seeds, mustard seeds, cumin, thyme, basil)
  • Scrap veggies

To Make: Cover bones in water, add the vinegar, spices and veggies. I usually let it come to a boil before I turn it down to a simmer for 3-4 hours. Strain, let it cool and store. Thanks to Pinterest, I have taken to putting them in ice-cube trays. So easy and inexpensive, but so beneficial!

Wednesday August 1st

Today I was supposed to do fruit, but I kind of baked the peaches I had into a peach cobbler. Here I have pasture-raised eggs from L & A Farms, that I slipped 3 bone broth cubes into at the end. One top is a homemade salsa with organic tomatoes (as well as garlic, onion and green pepper). On the side is a sauerkraut that I actually made myself (little salty but still good). In this meal I have all the wonderful fat from the eggs loaded with choline, vitamin D and a hell of a lot more nutrients than store-bought eggs, and of course more fermented goodness!

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