Closing Time

Today is the last day in our Terre Haute location and in two weeks me and Dad will take off for Colorado Springs. Body Change has been a huge part of my life the last decade (seeing as I am only 24, that is a significant portion). Beginning when I was 14, doing a summer challenge with my family and eventual brother-in-law. Healthy living brought our family together for a common goal and quality time spent towards making ourselves better. To being a bright-eyed 15-year-old watching my father train clients in the garage. I loved it, I spent my whole summer curled up next to my father’s desk just watching. There is nothing else I wanted to do. I enjoy people and I loved that this business has brought all kinds of people from all walks into my life. Although it is my job to teach, each of them has impacted my life and made me better. I believe everyone has their own sun and their own, as well as a lesson to teach. Coming back from Vancouver last year that was one of the main things I took away: each person has something to teach us. At the time we may not know what it is (we may never be fully aware of it), it may seem good or bad, but regardless it teaches us something. We can grow and be better from all these interactions. I also think that we attract to our lives the types energy that we exude. Being as my mother, father and I are vastly contrasting individuals with layers of depth we have assembled an eclectic group of clients the last decade. We have created a community. Body Change has always felt like home, our own little family. So when asked if Colorado needs another gym, the answer is that we have never been merely a gym. We are a unique entity. We are family.  What I love is this individuality of our clients, whenever I write about beauty, what gets me excited about personality and looks, are the little differences. The things that make us unique. The things that we think are our imperfections, are the things I find my beautiful: scars, freckles, gap teeth I love it all. It tells our story and separates us. So these past years I have found myself just surrounded by so many beautiful people. People who inspire and make you want to be better. Hilarious people who you can’t help but smile just being in their presence. People so happy to see you they engulf you in the most comforting hugs, that even a non-hugger can appreciate. People thirsty for knowledge. People who just love life. Even the individuals who seem challenging are a blessing for they give you biggest opportunity to learn. These people have seen me at my best and my worst, as I grow from my teens through my 20’s. A vital time in life, finding who I am, getting my foot hold in the world, sorting through my thoughts and what I believe is important. Through everything, Body Change and the people there have always supported me and my family unconditionally. So although there is a little sadness today, the predominate emotion is gratitude. I am truly humbled by the outpouring of generosity and well wishes. I’ve always been a somewhat naive dreamer who wants to see and believe the best and people, but in ‘challenging’ times like this my viewpoint is reassured. I can never fully express my thankfulness. Though the people and the opportunity to teach and learn are my favorite part of my job, I do truly love health. I love to research and share that with everyone. I want every one to be healthy. To feel good about themselves and live long joyful lives because I really do feel that food is preventative. It makes me almost giddy to cook nutritious foods for others and to go to the market you’d think I’d won the lottery with the elation and smile glued to my face. So Body Change has been a center for me to fulfill the things that bring me happiness. Sure growing up I tested my parents with things I wanted to be: a hairdresser, a Buddhist monk (that was more just to test them, but my parents always let me be myself so they didn’t even bat an eye at this), a doctor because everyone always praised my ‘smarts’. But at 14 I knew exactly what I was driven to do. My Dad and TD Jakes (whom I watched a clip of on Oprah) talk about passion. Everyone always says to do what you love, that if it is your passion you should do it for free. I never viewed this as a job or ways to make ends meet (because trust me my funds are scant but living simply in a shed there isn’t much need for money, I only require it so that I can continue to live my dream of serving). I loved being around people, of sharing what I learned. Granted I know that I can seem to be a quiet individual, but like my friend Tab says: I’ve got a loud soul. I am also aware that my best way of expressing myself lies in my hands. From sketching to the written word, my hands are best at conveying the emotions of my heart and the thoughts in my head. That is the great thing about today is that technology makes it so that I am never truly gone from Body Change and I can continue to serve and teach in a medium that works best for me. Like my Dad pointed out recently, Body Change is an idea. It is not a building or a specific location. So loss doesn’t represent the end. Although I may be a nomadic free-spirit who loves to keep my life simple and to disconnect by leaving my phone at home to hike sometimes, I have come to realize how important balance is to life. So even may I be a throw back and my friends feel the persistent need to remind that it is the 21 st century, I am networking savvy. I know my way around Facebook, Twitter, blogs and websites, and Publisher programs to design books and program booklets. I realize that we are never honestly disconnected this day and age. It’s actually great, because despite distance it always me to keep Body Change the idea alive, so that I can teach no matter the location. So even though I will miss everyone, I have been preparing myself (unknowingly) for this next chapter and adventure in my life. To live in the moment, so when people ask if I am worried about have a round about plan. I say no, that is exciting to me. Not knowing and change are part of life we are always changing. I am thankful for the chance to be tested to truly have to live in the moment. I’m not trying to anticipate what will happen (because we cannot see the future), but enjoy the process. It is the steps along the way that get us to the result that are the most rewarding part. So with no clear view of what’s to come, all I can focus on is what is in front of me right now. I have learned that makes me even more thankful because I can live in awe in bewilderment with a deeper acceptance of what is and the people around me. I am excited to find myself, too. Recently I have made the error of identifying myself first as Body Change, and Brittany second. I am grateful then to have the opportunity the next couple of weeks and months while we set up, to reconnect with Brittany. To look after myself. Because although I am content with life right now (because I know that every moment we select how we fill and if I want to be happy then I merely need to change my thoughts to a happy one), I know that I am still not living as my highest self. For me to feel truly confident teaching and inspiring I’ve got to be on this level, with my best body and mindset. So I am ready to challenge myself, as you will see in my posts the next couple weeks, to live my most nourished life. To fuel my body with the best foods possible. To do activities like hiking and meditating that bring me inner peace and allow me to connect with Brittany. Moving on, today is about all of you who have made this possible, who have had such an impact on our family, taught us lessons, made us better and supported us. In closing I’d like to share a poem. I’ve been really into poetry lately, especially Khalil Gabrin who seems to have the words perfect to what I’m trying to say. This one I posted on my personal site to my parents. It’s about children, and no I do not think of myself as a mother to my clients, but in this instance I do believe that mom, dad and I are the instruments (archers). We are able to show you the way to health and be a stable force, but ultimately you are the arrows. What target you hit and where you fly, is your journey, not ours. We are mere guides, but thank you all for letting us be those archers (which is a perfect analogy because anyone who truly knows us, knows we love to hunt and my bow is one of the few things that I am taking with me to Colorado):

You may give them love but not your thoughts.

For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,

Which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.

You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.

For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday

You are the bows from which your children (clients) as living arrows are sent forth.

The archer see the mark upon the path of the infinite,

and he bends you with his might that his

arrows may go swift and far.

Let your bending in the archer’s hand be for gladness,

For even as he loves the arrow that flies,

So he loves also the bow that is stable.  

So fly forward, life moves on and Body Change the idea will continue on. Thank you all again for your support and for giving me a platform to practice living my passion, for all that you have taught me, and the little bits of you all that I will always carry with me. Best of wishes and thanks, love you all (and I mean love, another one of my favorite things to write about).

BE, Love, Illuminate,


Stay connected with me here, on my Facebook, Twitter @BritPaulin, Pinterest, or follow me on my personal blog where I capture my triumphs, hardships and life lessons, to see mine and my father’s adventure: Here are some of the pictures the past decade and some of my favorite memories:

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